If you studied Spanish before, this is the ultimate tip for you

We have told you many things during our weekly posts about how to learn Spanish. However, today we want to talk about the ultimate tip to learn Spanish.

Have you studied Spanish in the past? … Perhaps you went to an academy to learn to speak Spanish, but you found that, after some months or years, you still couldn’t speak Spanish fluently. In fact, you probably felt frustrated because you couldn’t understand native Spanish speakers.

“Why?”… That’s the big question because you went religiously to class, you learned vocabulary and you worked hard on your textbook until you filled the blanks correctly.After all this time, now go to Spanish native speakers trying to talk, but they look at you patiently, trying to figure out what you just said in “Spanish”, and then you ask yourself… “Why?”

Well, think about it… every time you sign up for a Spanish course, they promise you that you’ll speak Spanish fluently in a certain amount of time like 1 year, 6 months, and some institutes even say that you’ll speak Spanish “today”; yeah… they teach you to say: “hola” and that’s how they justify that you talked Spanish “today”.

The ultimate tip: the solution for you…

There’s a very popular quote by Albert Einstein which says something like: “If you want different results, do not do the same thing”.Now, having said that, it’s pretty clear what you need to do in order to learn to speak Spanish fluently… change what you do, change your habits to learn Spanish.

Do different things to learn Spanish, you already went to school to study it, you already learned the tenses, the conjugations, the lists of words, the pronouns, the nouns, the adjectives, etc.

Understand that it’s not a matter of: “I’ve forgotten many things that I learned of Spanish back in college, I think it’s time to restart again”… No, you already studied Spanish and it didn’t work!

If you studied Spanish before, but you haven’t been able to be fluent, my number one tip to learn Spanish for you is: Change your habits to learn to speak Spanish and I promise, you will become fluent in Spanish.

Diego Cuadros is a blogger and a Spanish online teacher. He uses stories to help Spanish lovers understand fast-speaking native speakers, so they don't freeze and panic in conversations.

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