Spanish short stories: El futbolista

Today’s story: El futbolista.**

The most popular sport among Latinos is soccer. Actually, we prefer to call it football (fútbol).

You are about to hear the story of someone whose dream was to become a professional player.

Let’s begin!

How to learn Spanish from the story: ‘El futbolista’.

Memorize the complete phrases instead of individual words.

Here’s what you should do to take the most out of the story:

  1. Check out the phrases that I want you to learn in this lesson.
  2. Play the video and identify the phrases.
  3. Say all the phrases out loud
  4. Answer the questions at the end of this post, do it in Spanish.
  5. Listen to the story several times and practice the phrases during the week.

Key phrases for ‘El futbolista’

This story has a very basic vocabulary. Actually, I always try to design every material for intermediate learners, but this story just came out for beginners. Here are the phrases that you should memorize:

David decide ser futbolista: David decides to be soccer player.

Eres muy buen jugador de fútbol: With this phrase, James is telling David that he is a very good soccer player. You may use this phrase to tell someone that he or she is very good at something, for instance:

  • “Eres muy buen cocinero
  • “Eres muy buen cantante

El equipo de David llega a la final y gana el mundial: The last game of a tournament, a championship, or any competition is called‘La final’. That means that in the story, David’s team makes it to the final game of the competition.

In this sentence, we also have ‘el mundial, which is just how people call the world cup in Spanish.

Por lo menos ganamos el mundial: In this sentence, we have the phrase ‘por lo menos’, which literally means ‘At least’, here are a couple of more examples of how to use it:

  • “Él es feo pero por lo menos tiene dinero.”
  • “Por lo menos puedo comer hoy.”

Valió la pena: This phrase literally means, ‘it was worth it’, here are some examples in Spanish:

  • “Valió la pena vender mi auto viejo para comprar uno nuevo.”
  • “Marina pagó mucho dinero por la cena de anoche, pero valió la pena.”

Short story: El futbolista

If there’s anything you don’t understand in the story, just leave a comment, and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Another option is to use google translateto find the meaning of unknown words.

Now, I have 2 Questions for you…

  1. ¿Crees que valió la pena morir para ganar el mundial?
  2. ¿Quién crees que ganará el próximo mundial de fútbol?

Leave the answer in the comments!

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