Stop wasting hours spinning in circles trying to learn Spanish…


Learning a new language can be a difficult task. Or at least it is often perceived that way

But what if it didn’t have to be difficult? Maybe we just go about learning languages the wrong way?

After all, when you first learn English, do you do it by sitting around a textbook? No.

You do it by communicating and listening to English speakers. Often times, this is done through storytelling.

Storytelling is incredibly powerful. It helps:

  • Boost memory
  • Evoke emotion and
  • Allows the brain to make new connections.

 By placing words with feelings – we are able to pick up on them and their meaning much faster.

So why don’t courses use storytelling to teach languages???

I don’t have the answer, but I do have the solution.

I have a solution that will help you learn and even master the Spanish language once and for all.

Better yet, it will make learning a new language fun and enjoyable – instead of a frustrating experience. In fact, students are absolutely loving all the new stories they get to experience.

It is opening up their world to new and exciting times.

The solution is simple:



This is a course that focuses on helping you understand native speakers.

It is for the people who have spent time learning the basics, but still struggle when it comes to real world Spanish.

By following this course, you will:

  • Understand real spoken Spanish
  • Learn Spanish without studying boring grammar rules
  • Increase your vocabulary and common Spanish phrases
  • Learn Spanish on the go or during passive activities
  • Learn fun and unforgettable Spanish Stories
  • Improve Spanish Speaking fluency

The biggest difference between Stories in Spanish to Understand Native Speakers and other courses is getting real life and applicable results.

This isn’t about theory.

This isn’t about textbook grammar.


It’s about going out in the real world and being able to apply your new skills.

What good is learning a language if you have difficulty applying it in the real world? Not nearly as good as being able to immerse yourself and experience the language fully.

These stories are emotional and interactive which allows for better, faster learning.

Because the stories are audio based, you can listen to them while you perform a number of different activities. Whether you are on the road, in the kitchen or simply relaxing – you will be able to listen, learn and experience the Spanish language.

Stop struggling and start learning.

Order the course today to save countless hours and frustration.


This course is extremely important for those who have spent years struggling to learn Spanish. This is for developing real world skill that you can actually use. Don’t get discouraged and try this course out for best results.


  • Perfect for Anyone with an intermediate level of Spanish who struggles to understand native speakers.
  • Excellent for travellers, entrepreneurs, or people who work with Spanish native speakers.
  • People who have Spanish family/friends and want to connect better with them.
  • Anyone who travels to a Spanish speaking country, especially Colombia.
  • Spanish students who want to increase their fluency skills.
  • People who find it difficult to express themselves in Spanish.
  • People willing to have a full Spanish immersion (98% of the course content is in written and spoken Spanish)


  • You are a total beginner in Spanish. 
  • You don’t have at least 30 minutes a day to listen to the stories.
  • You need to understand grammar rules to feel that you’re making progress.
  • You need a teacher to be with you when you learn Spanish.
  • You are not interested in improving your Spanish.


  • 19 Stories written in Spanish.
  • Audio versions for all 19 stories.
  • Audio-stories narrated in different tenses.
  • More than 145 pages of  transcriptions.
  • More than 400 minutes of audio in Spanish.
  • English written translations.
  • 19 Vocabulary audio lessons.
  • 19 Questions and answers audio lessons.
  • Instructions on how to use these lessons 


  • 3 Lessons based on real life traveling around Colombia.
  • 1 Movie lesson.
Laptop, caja y cd room del curso


“Diego invites you on a language journey through Stories. He prepares you and provides comprehensive language input through fun stories. You acquire the language, culture, sound and pronunciation. Bottom Line: You will have acquired the language through your listening skills.”

Don Holland, USA

Testimonial, Don's Picture
Testimonio Roberto Repetto

“El curso de Diego Cuadros es realmente emocionante desde todos los puntos de vista. En primer lugar, te enseña un método de aprendizaje del español muy diferente al de la mayoría de los demás profesores: La clave para aprender un nuevo idioma es escuchar, al igual que hacen los niños pequeños. Repitiendo lo que escuchas, leyendo y escribiendo el español se vuelve como si fuera casi tu lengua materna. 

Aprendí español desde cero en unos cuantos meses y ahora leo libros, escucho historias, escribo y espero poder conversar con otros hispanohablantes nativos pronto. Diego es un muy buen maestro y creo que sin él y sus valiosos consejos, nunca hubiera podido alcanzar mi nivel de aprendizaje utilizando los métodos clásicos de la escuela que todos conocen.”

— Roberto Repetto, Italy. 

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Testimony #2 Alexander
Testimony # 3 Carissa
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Testimonio Timothy


1- What kind of files are these stories?

The stories are in mp3 audio files, as well as pdf files, and some mp4 video files. The whole package of stories is a zip file that you must download and save to your hard drive.

2- I already paid, but I didn’t get the download link to the stories, what can I do? 

In your email account, check your spam folder, it might have gone there.

3- What if the stories doesn’t help me improve my Spanish, could I get my money back? 

Yes. I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee for this product because I really trust the method that I use in Stories in Spanish to Understand Native speakers. However, since this is an instant digital product I’ll refund only 50% of the money.

Please notice: I will NOT refund if you don’t justify how you’ve used the lessons, and why you don’t like the product. That means that you won’t get your refund if you say something like “The style is not for me”, or “I bought it for my children but I decided not put them through this stories” (I’ve gotten refund requests like this, and it is just unfair and dishonest from people who say this kinds of things).

Now, if you’ve used the stories, and you just don’t feel any progress, email me with a clear justification on why you want the refund, and I’ll send your money back right away.

4- How do I buy the stories?

Click the “Get the stories today button”. After that, you’ll be taken to Gumroad to complete your purchase.

5-  Do you have a sample of the stories?

Yes, I give a complete story + instructions on how to learn Spanish from it at my free guide: 7 Steps to Understand Fast Speaking Latinos Using Stories.

7- Are these the same stories you have on your Intensive Spanish Listening udemy course?

No, this is a collection of stories that I’ve made for my 1-1 live students. However, if you already took my course: Intensive Spanish Listening on Udemy, email me and I’ll give you a 15% discount code to purchase  This collection: Stories in Spanish to Understand Native Speakers.