Half uper body wearing gray tshirt and dark blue hat
Half uper body wearing gray tshirt and dark blue hat

¡Hola y bienvenido!

Mi nombre es Diego y estoy aquí para ayudate a ejercitar tu español hasta que puedas hablar con confianza y entender a los nativos fácilmente.

If you’ve taken Spanish lessons in the past or if you’ve been going through Duolingo for some time now but you still struggle to understand fast-speaking native speakers, and you feel silly when it’s your turn to reply in a Spanish conversation…

Then it means that this is the right time to do something different.

This is what we’re definitely NOT going to do:

Have a grammar lesson.
Go through a list of words.
Get a textbook lesson.
Do fill in the blanks.

Instead of that, you’ll start using your Spanish right away with one of the most powerful language-learning techniques that we have on this planet.

Have you heard about it? …

This technique has been here for thousands of years, yet it’s been incredibly underestimated.

Yes, your ancestors learned languages using this technique, and even future generations will keep using it.

¿Sabes de qué estoy hablando?

Well if you don’t, then let me introduce you to the biggest secret ever kept among the best language learners in the world:

Escuchar & Hablar

You may be thinking right now:

“Wait a minute, listening & speaking?… that’s it?… Is that “the greatest” language-learning technique?” 😯

Well…what were you waiting for?

A USB plugged into your brain to hack your mind and install the Spanish language like if you were in the Matrix?

Of course not. You’re not a robot, are you? 🤖

You’re a human! and that’s how humans learn languages, just think about how babies learn to speak.

They don’t have a magic formula to learn to speak nor do they go to school or get the latest “language hacks” in order to learn to speak!

They listen and then they speak, and that’s what you’ll do during our lessons together. 

This is what we’ll do once you book a trial lesson with me:

I’ll tell you a story in Spanish.
We’ll uncover every single expression of it, so you can understand 100% of the story.
We’ll have a deep conversation in Spanish about it.

Sounds simple, yet it’s extremely powerful, and I guarantee you will experience what some of my previous students have said about working with me:

“Diego invites you on a language journey through Stories. He prepares you and provides comprehensive language input through fun stories. You acquire the language, culture, sound, and pronunciation. Bottom Line: You will have acquired the language through your listening skills.”

Testimonial, Don's Picture
Don Holland, USA

My Spanish has improved tremendously working with Diego. He has a very good technique for teaching conversational Spanish, and he is very friendly and patient

Comly Wilson. New York, USA

El curso de Diego Cuadros es realmente emocionante desde todos los puntos de vista. En primer lugar, te enseña un método de aprendizaje del español muy diferente al de la mayoría de los demás profesores: La clave para aprender un nuevo idioma es escuchar, al igual que hacen los niños pequeños. Repitiendo lo que escuchas, leyendo y escribiendo el español se vuelve como si fuera casi tu lengua materna.
Aprendí español desde cero en unos cuantos meses y ahora leo libros, escucho historias, escribo y espero poder conversar con otros hispanohablantes nativos pronto. Diego es un muy buen maestro y creo que sin él y sus valiosos consejos, nunca hubiera podido alcanzar mi nivel de aprendizaje utilizando los métodos clásicos de la escuela que todos conocen.

Testimonio Roberto Repetto
Roberto Repetto, Italy

“Learning Spanish by myself was really hard and frustrating, and I made a lot of errors. I really wished for a magic pill, and guess what… I found one: Diego!

Well, okay, Diego is not a pill, but he does have a magic way of teaching Spanish: through stories. His stories allow me to learn Spanish naturally, in context, to absorb grammar and vocabulary easily and in a way that I can immediately use. Diego is not only a great motivator, but his story method teaching is also fun and enjoyable. He understands what is like to learn another language. He’s kind and patient, and I have every confidence and faith that he’s going to work his magic on my Spanish.”

Susan Bricken. Virginia, USA.