3 Reasons to use Spanish short stories

Could someone go through life without listening to stories?… That’s impossible! This is because stories are part of our human nature. Now let me ask you a question: If stories are so important for humans, how are you going to learn Spanish without listening to ‘Spanish short stories’?

Ever since humans have memory, we’ve used stories to teach, inform or inspire.

During ancient times, for example, people used to teachthe big lessons of life and their beliefs to their children using stories.

Just think for a second about a young 12 year old boy from an indigenous ancient tribe.

Picture the boy listening to his grandfather talking about the time when he was hunting and had to face a bear that took his hand out of his body for the rest of his life.

Or just think about yourself sitting next to 100 people more, focused and immersed in the movie theater.

Everybody is watching the movie that you were expecting from so many months ago, that’s because in the end, movies are just stories in the screen.

Yes, we all love stories!

Like the time your friend came over to your house just to tell you the story of how her date went last night, or how the mean neighbor cheated on her husband and that she saw the whole fight.

I don’t know about you, but love and hate stories are always catchy.

Spanish short stories, will they help you?

As you noticed, stories are such powerful way to teach or learn anything, and Spanish is not the exception.

If you are one of those who like TEDx talks, then you probably know that these kinds of presentations are highly engaging, and that they may leave you a nice lesson very easily.

But why?…

If you pay close attention to the next TEDx talk you hear, notice that they always use a story to catch your attention.

This, in my opinion, is an amazing way of teaching lessons.

Stories are a super powerful tool for learning anything, even Spanish.

If you take advantage of this wonderful tool, I’m sure you will make more progress than if you concentrate your energy in just studying Spanish.

In fact, I myself proved the power of stories for learning languages back when I was just starting to speak English.

Today, I can remember exact prhases and expressions that I learned from specific stories.

Listening to stories in Spanish will help you achieve fluency without a doubt.

Why are Spanish short stories so powerful?

As adults, we are always asking ‘why?’ about everything, so you’re probably wandering: “why will Spanish stories help me?”. Here are some reasons:

  1. Stories create a mental imageof what you’re hearing, this way it will be easier for your brain to remember new words and expressions that you learn from a story.
  2. Stories are emotional: For language learning, this is a huge advantage because emotions are hard to forget. We create strong links between memories and emotions. Have you ever watched a super hero movie where you ended up loving the hero but hating the villain? Watch it in Spanish!
  3. Keeping the story short will make it easier for you to remember what you learn than if you try to memorize vocabulary from a complete movie.
  4. Interactive Spanish short stories are perfect for language learning, if you have someone asking you questions about the story, you will be training your brain for automatic responses in Spanish, your fluency will improve!

Of course I’m not saying that stories are the only way toachieve fluency in Spanish, I’m just saying that they are a very powerful tool to help you achieve fluency in Spanish.

If you are interested in using stories to improve your Spanish through stories then you definitely should check out my Intensive Spanish Listening coursewhere I take all the benefits that stories provide to help you improve.

Finally, I would like to know more about your Spanish study time, Have you used stories in your Spanish learning? What benefits have you found personally? What questions do you have about using stories to improve your Spanish? Let me know in the comments below!

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Diego Cuadros is a blogger and a Spanish online teacher. He uses stories to help Spanish lovers understand fast-speaking native speakers, so they don't freeze and panic in conversations.

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