One epic Spanish podcast to improve tons in a short time

Today, I want to share an epic Spanish podcast that I’m sure will help you improve tons. This is one of the best free resources to learn Spanish that I’ve found on the internet so far, let me tell you why…

I was sitting in front of my laptop, surfing the internet looking for useful and powerful listening tools for my Spanish students. I wanted to select things that actually made them improve, so I became really picky on my selections.

‘Listening is the key and the base for speaking any language’, I said to myself, as I remembered what I had learned from AJ Hoge when I was learning to speak English. I kept googling for high quality audio material for my students, and then it hit me…

I thought: “Podcasts are all about listening, they are interesting and if I can find a Spanish podcast it will be a huge help for my students!”

After a while of searching, I found Unlimited Spanish, which became my favorite, and the one that I want you to visit today, here is why…

Unlimited Spanish and his epic Spanish podcast.

Óscar Pellus is the founder of unlimited Spanish. On his website, Óscar offers different courses to help people speak Spanish in an effortless way.

I want to be honest, I don’t know the courses, but if they are as good as his podcast, they are definitely worth it.

What really came to my attention was the Unlimited Spanish podcast, it is definitely not a boring recording giving grammar Spanish lessons or just a teacher talking about the Spanish language in general.

In fact, Unlimited Spanish doesn’t teach grammar rules, every single episode is infull and real Spanish!

Óscar focuses his podcast episodes on interesting topics related to culture (Mostly from Spain), economics, places, trends, social topics and so many different things.

I thinkthis podcast is perfect for someone with an intermediate level of Spanishbecause it’s recorded at a very easy to understand speed.

Actually, if you hear it and you feel like it’s too difficult to understand, Óscar adds a complete transcription of the episode so you can read along with the audio, or even look up the words in a dictionary if you don’t understand something.

Even better, you have the option to download the podcast and listen to it offline while driving or working out, which are excellent times to learn Spanish.

The storytelling technique during the episodes

The Unlimited Spanish podcast is not just listening. At the end of each episode, there’s a short lesson based on a mini-story.

If you have purchased my lessons, or if you have taken a private lesson with me, then you probably know that I love stories to teach Spanish just because it’s such a powerful and effective technique.

Because of that, I consider that this Spanish podcast will give so much value when it comes about practicing, improving and achieving fluency in Spanish.

Well, during his episodes,Óscar does exercises with short stories, he even makes some questions and answers (based on the stories) during some episodes to help you think in Spanish.

Why I recommend the Unlimited Spanish podcast

  • It’s recorded in full Spanish (Exactly what you need to make progress)
  • Óscar’s Spanish is easy to understand and he talks at a nice speed.
  • He talks about real and interesting topics.
  • Doesn’t teach grammar rules.
  • You can download the audio and transcription for you to study it offline.
  • Uses the storytelling technique to teach Spanish which will totally power-up your Spanish.

Trust me on this, all I want for your Spanish is to make progress and to become fluent as fast as possible, and if I tell you that you should listen to this podcast that means: you should start doing it right now!

In fact, here’s a list of 5 of my favorite episodes from the Unlimited Spanish podcast:

This podcasts is definetly worth your time, it will for sure improve your Spanish!

Wanna learn more?

Remember I told you I love the storytelling technique that Óscar uses during his podcast? Well,during my 8-day free Email course I tell you why this technique is so powerful and effective.

In fact, I talk about more techniques that will help you achieve fluency in Spanish, sign up in the form below and I’ll see you in the course!


Diego Cuadros is a blogger and a Spanish online teacher. He uses stories to help Spanish lovers understand fast-speaking native speakers, so they don't freeze and panic in conversations.

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