How to speak Spanish fluently? [Interview with Español Real]

Do you struggle to speak Spanish fluently? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! In this interview with Martín from Español Real, you’ll learn strategies to achieve fluency in Spanish.

I met Martín through his Instagram account.Ever since I saw his posts I realized that the way he teaches Spanish is not the traditional way, in fact, he always advises people:“Aprende español de manera auténtica y divertida.

This means that he wants people to learn authentic Spanish and even more importantly, he promotes enjoyable learning, let’s see what he has to share with us:

Download the interview’s audio now!

What can you do to speak Spanish fluently?

Martín suggests three basic points, which in my opinion, these are the pillars for learning any language fluently:

  • You need to find a strong motivation.
  • Listen to lots of Spanish.
  • Repeat everything you hear.

Motivation is the number one bullet point here because this will be the cause for everything you do to improve your Spanishevery day.

Just think of you living or just visiting a country where everybody speaks Spanish except you, or imagine if you were dating a Spanish speaker, wouldn’t that be a strong reason for you to learn to speak fluently?

Of course, motivation wouldn’t have any value if you don’t take action. At this point, Martín advises using your listening sensesand find something that you feel pleased to listen to.

You could look for podcasts, radio shows, music or even TV shows; things you like and enjoy.

What can you do if you’re just starting to learn Spanish?

Setting goals for yourself was Martín’s immediate answer. Something that really came to my attention was that he suggests escalating every time you reach a goal.

For instance, one goal could be to understand completely the interview that I made with Martín on my youtube channel, you can download only the audio on the following link, and listen to it on your mp3 player later.

Download the interview’s audio now!

Another goal could be to understand a movie with subtitles in Spanish and then watch it again without subtitles.

Now, think bigger… how about taking a job interview in Spanish? That would be a big goal!

What if you’ve studied Spanish for a while now, but you still can’t speak fluently?

“It’s not a competition, don’t worry!”— Says Martín during the interview. His best advice on this matter is to relax, enjoy the process of learning, improve progressively, and in the end, fluency will come automatically.

This reminds me of the way babies learn to speak. They never worry about how long it will take them to become fluent, they just enjoy their time as they grow and learn.

If you are a person whose goal is to learn to speak Spanish fluently, I strongly recommend following Martín’s advice. It is just such a powerful ‘philosophy’ to learn Spanish!

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Diego Cuadros is a blogger and a Spanish online teacher. He uses stories to help Spanish lovers understand fast-speaking native speakers, so they don't freeze and panic in conversations.

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