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Imagine you are on a trip, and your destination is “Spanish fluency town”. How would you like to get there? In a slow bus? Or in a fast and a powerful airplane?…. No doubt, you would love to get there as fast as you can, is there really a way to learn Spanish faster?

Learning faster and your physiology**

Your emotions will help you tons to learn Spanish, let me explain myself… Why didn’t you learn Spanish when you went to school? Do you remember how fun Spanish classes were?… No, in fact, Spanish classes are often seen as an academic and a serious subject that you need to focus your energy on.

In school, everything you did was to sit down on your chair to listen to the teacher while all your energy went away, and if you are a normal human being, it’s very likely that you got sleepy many times.

Now, let’s think for a second about babies, what is the number one thing they do when they are just growing up and learning to speak?… They have fun all the time! … Their energy is always high, they’re always moving and doing things. Babies have such a high energy, that parents often end up exhausted by the end of the days.

Can you see the difference? What you need to do is to work on your psychology. Imitate babies by learning with high energy. I promise, this will boost your Spanish and you’ll be speaking fluently in no time.

Your ritual to learn Spanish faster

I want to share a powerful technique to boost your Spanish learning that I learned from AJ Hoge, on his book: Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native. It’s all about programming your brain for success to learn a Langauge, in your case, this will be Spanish.

From now on, you will establish a “ritual”. Every day, before using your Spanish lessons, you will do something that makes you feel happy and energetic, here are the instructions:

  • Play your favorite song.
  • Move your body.
  • Stretch your body.
  • Sing your favorite song out loud.
  • Work out if it makes you feel positive.
  • Smile
  • Shout as hard as you can.

Right after you do this for a small period of time (5-10 minutes), use your Spanish lessons, but don’t just use any kind of Spanish lessons, use something that allows you to keep your energy up.

You could listen to some stories, and you could repeat them with your own words out loud. You could also use a podcast and give an energetic opinion about it.

Your psychology will define whether you will learn Spanish faster or slower, so make sure you put some positive and energetic thoughts in your mind

Diego Cuadros is a blogger and a Spanish online teacher. He uses stories to help Spanish lovers understand fast-speaking native speakers, so they don't freeze and panic in conversations.

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