Review: Effortless English: learn to speak English like a native, by AJ hoge

Some years ago, I was just starting to learn English and while navigating on the internet I found this website: At first, I thought it was just another web page trying to sell some services, but when I started to read, I realized it was way more than that. Everything I read was about how to learn to speak English with a natural method, approaching to how native speakers learn their first language. I immediately loved this website, and a while ago, AJ Hoge, the founder of effortless English launched a book.

Perhaps when we read the word Effortless, we could think of something that doesn’t require any effort, but far from it, Effortless English is not about something easy or lazy. It is, according to the author’s words, “the result of the work you put in everyday”.

So, is it possible to learn to speak a language effortlessly? That’s the question that probably comes to your mind when you see the title of the book: “Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native”by AJ Hoge. Once I read this book, I got convinced that even though the book talks about learning English, it should be a basic guide to learn any language, and that includes Spanish.

When you get the book in your hands, the first thing you see is the cover with a picture of a smiley AJ and a little quote inside a circle that says: “A proven method with guaranteed results!”.Seriously, those words are a huge promise and I really can tell you, after following AJ Hoge for some years and using his method to learn a language, this is a real promise, it works and I totally think that if you want to learn to speak Spanish or any language, this is a book that you need to get and read.

Psychology and motivation

The first thing the book discusses is how traditional schools and methods destroy language learning, I love this because when I was in my teens I lived this truth. “Schools like grammar translation method because it appears to be serious, academic and complex”, nothing more real than these words. It’s even better the psychology that AJ sets as a basis for his Effortless English System. He constantly says that learning a language should be full of energy, interesting things and lots of fun.

Actually, the author promotes a big change on “your beliefs about education and a complete change of the way you learn”languages. For him, “psychology… is the most important element for success with…”foreign language speaking, and then he goes on to show you some awesome techniques that can improve your mental power; things that will help you improve your language learning.

Some people could think that All this physiology thing is total crap, but in my experience, it really is the basis for language learning. In fact, on my English learning experience, I still can remember when I learned some specific words and idioms. During these times, I was in the best and more positive state of mind, in fact, it was what AJ calls “peak emotion moments”.

Throughout all the book he talks about learning English, but I am really confident that this method really works for any language you want, like Spanish!

The 7 rules

This was the first thing I learned from AJ Hoge when I first got to his website: the seven rules to speak Excellent English. They are truly amazing, and there is nothing better than listening to the explanation of each one of these rules from their author. AJ describes every part of the seven rules on his book, which basically are:

  1. Learn phrases, not words.
  2. Grammar study kills your English speaking.
  3. Learn with your ears, not with your eyes.
  4. Repetition is the key to spoken mastery.
  5. Learn grammar intuitively and unconsciously.
  6. Learn real English and trash your textbooks.
  7. Learn English with compelling stories.

In my opinion, these rules aim exactly for what AJ wants to achieve in language learning, and this is to learn to speak a language just like a native speaker does. Of course, this method will not make you an expert in linguistics because its main purpose is to master the main point of a language, which is to communicate and connect with other people.

it comes to my attention that even though its main purpose is not to help you get a high score on written tests, AJ promises that if you use his system, you will do better on proficiency tests.

In the final chapters of the book, the author focuses on more advanced aspects of the language like reading, writing and speaking in public, or using your new language for business. This makes me think that there is some kind of sequence that AJ wants to guide us through. Something like, you first learn to understand and speak the language, then you need to read it and write it. And finally, you can put a professional touch to the language you just learned.

Final thoughts

I personally love this book. For me, it’s been a huge source of inspiration to learn languages, in fact, I consider myself as one AJ’s successful stories that learned to speak English with his method.

The only bad thing that I can speak from this book is that for many people, it can be a little tricky because most learners think that they will learn English with this book, and I think this happens just because somehow, people in general are used and in most cases attached to learn languages with books, which is the old and worse way to learn.

As I said before, “Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native”is definitely a basic guide to learn any language, it’s an explanation of an effective and powerful method that will get you speaking a foreign language if you do everything it says.

If you really want to learn to speak Spanish, you should definitely get this book and read it, but every time you see the word English, just think of it as if it said Spanish because it definitely works. In fact, AJ has a version of the book that you can read in Spanish, it’s called: “Inglés Sin Esfuerzo: Aprende A Hablar Ingles Como Nativo Del Idioma (Spanish Edition)“, it could be a very useful way to practice your Spanish reading.

Also, if you get this book through one of our links to amazon you will be supporting us because we will get a small commission and when you buy it, you can be sure that we will be very happy and really thankful to know that you support our work.

More information about AJ Hoge and his Effortless English System.

The best

  • AJ promotes positive energy and fun to learn a language.
  • The psychology and the exercises to get the right mindset.
  • The 7 rules.
  • Suggests practical tips to learn languages.
  • A new approach to learn languages.

The worst

  • The title could be tricky for people used to learn English from textbooks.
  • I couldn’t find a version of the audiobook in Spanish, so you guys could listen. 🙁

My score is:

“Highly recommended!”

Get the book in English from amazon:

Effortless English: Learn to speak English like a native

Get the book in Spanish from amazon:

Inglés Sin Esfuerzo: Aprende A Hablar Ingles Como Nativo Del Idioma (Spanish Edition)

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