Reasons to go to Colombia to learn Spanish

We have already talked about reasons why it is important to visit Spanish countries. So this time, we are going to focus on one specifically: Colombia.

As we are Colombians, we get to enjoy the beautiful things that this amazing country has and we also want you to enjoy them.

But, what about the language? Why do we recommend people to go to this country and learn Spanish there?


As some of you know, Colombia used to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world, but now the war has stopped and the atmosphere in this country has changed. It’s a completely different country; people are now enjoying something they didn’t have in the past: peace. Actually, this is just one of the many changes that are happening in the country.

Still, there are a lot of improvements that the country needs to make, but I promise, if you go to this country you will never regret it, actually you will be eager to come back.

Let’s start with the reasons that drive most of the foreigners to go to Colombia.


Colombia has many different things for people to enjoy. If you go to Bogota you get a little cold, if you go to the coast, you feel the heat, if you go to Medellin you will get to see mountains, if you go to Manizales, Pereira and Quindío you get to see the coffee zone. If you go to the amazon, you will get to see the Jungle or if you go to Rioacha you get to see a desert. There’s a great variety of places and different types of weather in just one country like Colombia. Now, an important question is: how are people in Colombia?


Most of the people in Colombia try to be kind and hospitable. If you’re lost people would be happy to help you get on the right track, at least in Medellin and the coffee zone.

Most of the Colombians have great customs (except that they are always late for everything), they meet and talk to their friends after work. They would party every weekend if they could, there’s always something to do for Colombians. Usually, during the weekends, especially on Sundays, they meet with their families and friends just to hang out and enjoy the afternoon together talking, playing a sport or having a great meal. No doubt, this is a great environment for people to learn Spanish.


Now, here is the thing. Don’t tell me you’re going to Colombia for three days to learn Spanish. Don’t be silly, be realistic. No one on earth can learn a language in just three days, they can practice, but no one would make a significant improvement in that time.

Set at least three weeks and immerse yourself into the Colombian customs.

You can just walk down the road and start asking for directions to see how good you are at it. Another thing you can do, it’s to take time and go to a coffee shop, run by Colombians that don’t speak any English, then make it a custom to go there and ask them to repeat if you don’t understand what they are saying. Repeat the new words afterwards so you can remember your new real vocabulary.

Go to a nearby park and talk to some old locals. They are always at parks and they would tell you hundreds of stories (or maybe the same one a hundred times).

Talk to your neighbours, make it a daily practice to say hello and say goodbye to your neighbour. They will reply and try to have a small chat, that’s sure for Colombians.

If you’re on public transportation, a Taxi or Uber you can just have a small chat with the driver or the passenger just right next to you. Don’t worry, no one would kill you for trying to have a conversation with them.


You may be thinking: “well, those recommendations are good if a stay in one place, but what if I want to travel all around the country?”. You don’t need to stay always in one place to apply our tips. Try talking to the tour guide in Spanish (if you take one). When you go grocery shopping, ask people the names of the things you’re buying, look at the prices of the things in stores, ask Spanish speaking people how they say those prices, be friendly and smile, this will open a door for a nice conversation.

I have experienced this at parks and public places: I’m just there hanging out, when someone who is learning Spanish approaches me and says: “would you help me out? I need to practice my Spanish, my teacher told me I needed to do this in order to learn”. Of course, I say yes, then we have a five-minute chat in Spanish and that’s it.

Colombians would love to help you out. They would be telling their friends and families about how they talked to a foreigner. So don’t think twice and enjoy the wonders of Colombia, this is an amazing country.Meanwhile keep practicing and listening to Spanish.

Diego Cuadros is a blogger and a Spanish online teacher. He uses stories to help Spanish lovers understand fast-speaking native speakers, so they don't freeze and panic in conversations.

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