What is the difference between por and para?

Looking for the rules to understand por and para in Spanish? I got something better than that for you. I want to show you an exercise and three concepts that are extremely useful to master por and para.

Download the exercise for por and para

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How to use the exercise

Download the audio, this is a mp3 file which contains a story. I want you to listen to this story as much as you can. Remember that the goal of this exercise is to familiarize your brain with the use of “por” and “para” without knowing the grammar rules.

Next step is to download the PDF file, this is just the transcription of the text, and it is meant to help you understand the complete story.Read the PDF as you hear the audio, pay attention to the pronunciation of the words and the intonation.

However, remember you want to improve how to use por and para, so be aware of when these two words are located in the text.

After you feel you know the meaning of the story, get rid of the PDF and focus only on listening.Do this for a while, repeat the story as much as you can (Just listening), and after then go on to the next step, which is to download the exercise.

Open the file and do the exercise, I’m sure that if you had enough time listening to the story, you will be able to complete the worksheet without any effort.

This is just the beginning

Of course, I’m not saying that after you complete this exercise, you will have mastered the usage of por and para. It takes a lot of listening to get to this point, just as when you learned to master your own language.

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Diego Cuadros is a blogger and a Spanish online teacher. He uses stories to help Spanish lovers understand fast-speaking native speakers, so they don't freeze and panic in conversations.

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