Check out these different ways to practice your speaking

We talk all the time about how important it is to practice listening. Yes, we know, listening to Spanish is the first step to learn the language like a native Speaker. However, there are a lot of things required to learn a language and listening is just one of them, the other very important thing you need to do to learn Spanish is speaking.

Frist step was listening, now let’s start speaking

People who want to learn a language properly usually follow these steps: First, they listen a lot and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT of things in Spanish. It could be music, TV shows, radio shows, or maybe even recordings to get vocabulary and sentences.

Then, after listening to enough things to build simple presentations, they go and practice that vocabulary and sentences in Spanish. After knowing how to have enough conversations, they start learning how to write the grammar in that language.

If you feel that you have listened a good amount of words and phrases in Spanish, to build some sentences, or have conversations with people in Spanish. It is time for you to start speaking Spanish, do not procrastinate this because this is the main goal, isn’t it?

You have studied a lot, and you have been listening to enough things in Spanish to have a basis for conversations. If you can build at least five sentences or more in Spanish, you have a basis now. You haven’t worked this hard just to not be able to speak Spanish, so don’t be shy and start Speaking.

But how can you start practicing your Spanish? You may be wondering. Like many people, you may be living in an area with no Spanish speakers, or maybe you have no Spanish speaking friends. Well, there are ways to solve these.

If you live in a country, or an area with no Spanish Speakers.

You are trying so hard to learn Spanish, but the only person that speaks Spanish in town, is the teacher at school, or your boss at work; They won’t practice with you, because they have their own lives, they are busy.

we are living in the XXI century, and I know from my own experience that, because we are living in this time, there’s more than enough technology and resources to help you practice your Spanish.

Technology is so advanced that you can talk to people from other parts of the planet. It can help you transport wherever you want to go, without moving from your house. How can you do that?

You can start with your social media accounts. Now we have Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and a lot of other social media accounts to connect with people from everywhere. In this case, you should use these social media accounts to interact with people from Spanish speaking countries.

In these social media sites, you can also look for groups of Spanish Speaking people, Spanish teachers, or people who want to learn Spanish.

On Facebook, for example, there are groups like SpanishToMind, created to help you; there’s also other people that are learning Spanish to get better at this language. You can request to get in these groups, and become an active participant, meet people that want to talk to you and then practice as much as you can your Spanish speaking skills.

There are also other tools online to talk to people, or even find people to meet in your area, there is this website called meetup, where you can check events, or even create events, and meet to speak with; people that are Spanish native speakers, teachers willing to help you, or Spanish students.

Also, there are other tools like Skype or hangouts, where you can add the contacts that you get from the social media accounts. You could schedule some free calls and practice your speaking with them.

You can get the most out of the internet. There are a lot of tools that can help you practice your speaking with others, they could be natives, or more advanced students.

If you live in a country with Spanish Speaker

This is an advantage because you can apply both methods. You can talk to people online and talk to people personally. How can you talk to people personally, if you don’t know anyone willing to help you?

Try to go to a Spanish area where you know is comfortable, and you know it’s safe for you. Maybe parks, malls, public squares, etc.

Usually, Latinos, and especially Colombians, old Colombians, sit at parks; they take their children, or grandchildren there, and they wait there, sited at the bench. These ones, love to talk to people, they would be more than pleased, to help you improve your Spanish.

You can ask them, if they can help you get better at your Spanish, they will do it. You can even try to stablish a friendship with them. How can you do that?

All you need to do is to be nice. First, sit down and start talking about life, their children, work or the economy. Why don’t you ask them about life in their country? Why did they move to your country? Were they born in your country? What do they miss the most? What’s their favourite sport, food, etc.

There are a lot of topics you can talk to them about. Give them a coffee if it’s possible, or a small souvenir. They will love you for that.

Another thing, is that these people (old Latinos) are usually very aware of what’s going on in the news. Try to talk about these topics.

Lots of Latinos will be happy to help you practice, and improve what you are learning. Apply what we teach here at, and do some research to get to talk to some Spanish Speakers, I am sure, your Spanish will improve.

Diego Cuadros is a blogger and a Spanish online teacher. He uses stories to help Spanish lovers understand fast-speaking native speakers, so they don't freeze and panic in conversations.

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