43 Easy Ways To Say ‘Good Job’ In Spanish

Do you know how to say ‘good’ job in Spanish?

Universally, you may say:

Buen Trabajo

That’ll do the job and will work for any situation. 

And if you want to pronounce it correctly, just read the following phrase out loud:


However, In Spanish, we have many other phrases to express this idea.

In fact, depending on who you talk to, you might want to consider using specific phrases over others.


Well because it’s not the same to say ‘good job’ when you’re playing a sport, as when you want to praise a child after doing something good.

In this blog post, you’ll learn 43 phrases that we use in Spanish to say ‘good job’ to people like: 

  •  Employees
  •  Students, in case you’re a teacher
  •  Your children 
  • And how to say it when playing a sport 

So open your notebook, and get your pencil ready because you’re about to learn 43 actionable phrases:

Let’s get started amigos!

The Basics of ‘Buen Trabajo’

As you already know, number one in today’s list is:

  1. Buen trabajo.

However, the following expressions carry the same idea and may work under any situation.

In front you’ll find the English equivalent for each phrase and the pronunciation in parenthesis and capital letters:

  1.  Muy buen trabajo: Very good job (MOO-EE-BOO-EHN-TRAH-BAH-HOH).
  2. Gran trabajo: Great job (GRAN-TRAH-BAH-HOH).
  3. Excelente trabajo: Excellent job (EKS-EH-LEN-TEH-TRAH-BAH-HOH).
  4. Bien hecho: Well done (BEE-EHN-EH-CHOH).
  5. Muy bien hecho: Very well done (MOO-EE-BEE-EHN-EH-CHOH).
  6. Bien logrado: Well done (or achieved) (BEE-EHN-LOH-GRAH-DOH). 
  7. Estupendo trabajo: Awesome job (ES-TOOH-PEN-DOH-TRAH-BAH-HOH).
  8. Sensacional trabajo: Awesome job (SEN-SAH-SEE-OH-NAL-TRAH-BAH-HOH).
  9. Fantástico trabajo: Fantastic job (FAN-TAS-TEE-COH-TRAH-BAH-HOH)

You may use these phrases along with sentences that highlight the good thing the other person did. 

Here are some examples:

Example: Me encanta tu dibujo, buen trabajo.
Translation: I love your drawing. Good job!

Example: Ganaste el exámen, ¡Muy bien hecho!
Translation: You passed the test. Very well done!

Example: La casa está muy limpia ¡Estupendo trabajo!
Translation: The house is very clean. Awesome job!

Example: Practicaste mucho con la guitarra, ¡Excelente trabajo!
Translation: You practiced a lot with the guitar. Excellent job!

And remember, these phrases are Universal, so they work under any context.

You can tell them to any person! 

Now, let me share with you a couple of phrases that might come in handy in case some people work for you.

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How to Say ‘Good Job’ In Spanish To Your Employees 

ape wearing tox and doing thumbs up

I think employees are one of the most important assets of a company or a business.

And if you are an employer with Spanish-speaking employees, then you can’t let the opportunity go without congratulating them in Spanish for their good job.

These are some of the phrases that I’ve heard at work.

They acknowledge the good job of a recently completed task:

  1. Me encanta lo que hiciste: I love what you did (MEH-EN-CAN-TAH-LO-KE-EE-SEES-TEH).
  2. Qué bien lo has hecho: You’ve done it well (KEH-BEE-EN-LOH-AS-EH-CHO).
  3. Lo hiciste súper bien: You did it super well (LOH-EE-SEES-TEH-SOO-PER-BEE-EN).
  4. Lo hiciste muy bien: You did it very well (LOH-EE-SEES-TEH-MOO-EE-BEE-EN).

Now, there’s nothing more self-esteem-boosting at work than hearing your boss honestly acknowledge the good job you do.

And if you want to do just that, you may say:

  1. Eres un crack: You’re a crack. For Spanish speakers, the word ‘crack’ comes from slang sports, used to refer to someone indispensable who does an awesome job in a team (EH-RES-OON-CRACK).
  2. Tienes mucho potencial: You’ve got a lot of potential (TEE-EH-NES-MOO-CHO-POH-TEN-SEE-AL).
  3. Gracias por tu esfuerzo: Thanks for your effort (GRAH-SEE-ASS-POR-TOO-ES-FOO-EHR-SOH).
  4. Aprecio mucho tu esfuerzo: I appreciate your effort very much (AH-PREH-SEE-OH-MOO-CHOH-TOO-ES-FOO-EHR-SOH).
  5. Sigue adelante: Keep going forward (SEE-GUEH-AH-DEH-LAN-TEH).
  6. Admiro tu trabajo: I admire your work (AD-MEE-ROH-TOO-TRAH-BAH-HOH)
  7. ¡Te veo bien!: I see you well, but the idea here is more like ‘I saw your good job’ (TEH-VEH-OH-BEE-EN).

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How to Say ‘Good Job’ In Spanish To Your Students

I’ve always thought that a good teacher focuses on students’ strengths.

And just so that I can be a little more clear in my opinion about teachers…

I think that if an educator can’t say anything positive about his students or if he just can’t congratulate them, then a person like this should consider finding another career.

If you’re here, however, I’m sure that you’re not like that.

So, my dear colleague, you’ll love using the following phrases with your students: 

  1. ¡Felicitaciones!: Congratulations! (FEH-LEE-SEE-TAH-SEE-OH-NES).
  2. ¡Felicidades!: Congratulations! (FEH-LEE-SEE-DAH-DES).
  3. Sabía que podías hacerlo: I knew you could do it (SAH-BEE-AH-KEH-POH-DEE-AS-AH-SER-LOH).
  4. No está mal: Not bad (NOH-ES-TAH-MAL).
  5. Esto es muy bueno: This is very good (ES-TOH-ES-MOO-EE-BOO-EH-NOH).
  6. Muy bien, debes sentirte orgulloso: Very good, you must feel proud (MOO-EE-BEE-EHN-DEH-BES-SEN-TEER-TEH-OR-GOO-EE-OH-SOH).
  7. Pusiste mucho empeño: You put a lot of effort into this (POOH-SEES-TEH-MOO-CHO-EM-PEH-NHEE-OH).
  8. Lo hiciste: You did it! (LOH-EE-SEES-TEH).

How to Say ‘Good Job’ In Spanish To Your Children

I’m sure that as a father or mother, you want your children to feel good about themselves.

 I am not a father, but I’m a son of loving parents.

Through my experience, I can tell that there’s nothing more powerful that generates confidence in a child than parents recognizing a good job and the effort you put into any kind of project.

Of course, this isn’t the only thing a child needs to grow and become a confident person.

There’s way more to that!

But I’m not a psychologist and I don’t even know anything about parenting.

I’m here because I speak Spanish as a native speaker and I can share with you some of the most common phrases parents tell their children to praise their good job in Spanish.

  1. Estoy orgulloso(a) de ti: I’m proud of you (ES-TOH-EE-OR-GUH-EE-OH-SOH-DEH-TEE).
  2. Me siento orgulloso de ti: Another way to say I’m proud of you (ME-SEE-EN-TOH-OR-GUH-EE-OH-SOH-DEH-TEE).
  3. Aprendes rápido: You’re a quick learner (AH-PREN-DES-RAH-PEE-DOH).
  4. Me encanta lo que has hecho: I Love what you’ve done (MEH-EN-CAN-TAH-LOH-KEH-AS-EH-CHO).
  5. Lo estás haciendo muy bien hijo(a): You’re doing pretty well son (or daughter) (LOH-ES-TAS-AH-SEE-EN-DOH-MOO-EE-BEE-EN-EE-HO(HA))
  6. Vas muy bien: You’re doing good (VAS-MOO-EE-BEE-EN)

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How to Say ‘Good Job’ In Spanish when playing sports

Football, baseball, swimming, or anything…

Playing sports is one of those times when you need to feel more motivated in a competition.

Personally, I love ‘fútbol ⚽

One of my favorite moments in this sport is when, after scoring or doing something good, players encourage each other.

They use phrases to hype each other and say ‘good job’ in Spanish.

Some of those expressions Spanish native speakers use sports to do just that are these: 

  1. ¡Buena!: Great! (BOO-EH-NAH).
  2. ¡Eso!: That’s it! (EH-SOH).
  3. ¡Eso es: That’s it! (EH-SOH-ES).
  4. ¡Sí, así!: Yes, just like that! (SEE-AH-SEE-ES).
  5. Eres imparable: You’re unstoppable (EH-RES-IM-PAH-RA-BLEH).
  6. Qué crack: You’re a crack (EH-RES-OON-CRAK). 
  7. Bien, ¡monstruo!: Great! You monster! (BEE-EN-MONS-TROO-OH)
  8. ¡Vamos!: Come on! (VAH-MOS)

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¡Lo Hiciste!

I know this is going to sound a little redundant but:

¡Buen trabajo! (Good Job!)

You’ve made it to the end of his blog post.

Today, you learned 43 different ways to say Good job in Spanish.

Which one should you use from that long list?

Well, remember that you can use any of the universal ways I taught you at the beginning.

And if you want to sound a little more specific and say phrases according to the person who you talk to, then pick any of the options I taught you for:

  •  Your employees
  •  Children
  •  Students 
  • Or even Sports and if you need to energize your teammates.

Whatever you say, make no mistake that you’re going to sound motivating and encouraging.

 Finally, I want to ask a question to you:

 Is there another way to say ‘good job’ in Spanish?

 Perhaps a specific sentence that you may use under a certain context?

 If you do, share it with me in the comments below.

I would love to read your examples in Spanish: 

Diego Cuadros is a blogger and a Spanish online teacher. He uses stories to help Spanish lovers understand fast-speaking native speakers, so they don't freeze and panic in conversations.

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