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12 maneras de preguntar el nombre a una persona en español

“¿Cómo te llamas?“… esta es la pregunta básica que te enseñan para preguntarle el nombre a una persona cuando estás aprendiendo español.

Sin embargo, en la vida real las personas pueden usar muchas frases diferentes para preguntarle el nombre a alguien.

En este artículo vamos a aprender 12 maneras diferentes de preguntarle a una persona su nombre.

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How to say “hey” in Spanish

I know I was supposed to write the second part of the series “The best Spanish to learn”. However, I thought it would be very interesting to actually post a video in Spanish, made by me, explaining a different way of saying “hey” that actually will help you out to sound more native in one of the cities I talked about in the former article.

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5 Words to make your Spanish more natural

Little details make a difference, a piece of art wouldn’t be a piece of art without those small things that make it unique. When you use Spanish, you can add small details to your speaking to make it sound more natural, keep reading if you want to know exactly what I mean.

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Top 10 Colombian phrases to use when you eat in Spanish

There’s a saying in Spanish: “Barriga llena, corazón contento”, and it basically means: “full belly, happy heart”. I am pretty sure that you agree with me when I tell you that the happiest times of the day are when we eat, especially when we eat our favorite meals. There’s nothing better than being really hungry and getting to a place where there is that delicious and awesome dish you love. Now, Imagine that you are traveling and the time to eat in Spanish has come to you.

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10 Spanish expressions you have to know to understand Colombians

Since our last post was about going to Colombiato practice your Spanish, today, we want to give you some tools to understand Colombians, because as you know, a language can have different expressions and they can mean one thing in a country but also a very different thing in another country. These kinds of differences …

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