how to say mom in spanish like a native speaker

How to Say Mom in Spanish Like a Native Speaker

Mothers, the women to whom we owe not only our lives, but also our admiration. Throughout the course of our lives, they’ve raised and protected us. In Latin America, we have many ways to refer to our Mom in Spanish, and there’s a good reason for that.

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10 ways to say cat in Spanish cover photo

10 Ways to say “cat” in Spanish like a native speaker

If you’ve ever taken a basic Spanish lesson or traveled to one of the dreamy destinations Latin America has to offer, you probably know enough of the language to order food, get directions, or even know the word for cat in Spanish.

Sure, you know those little furry felines are called “gato” by the locals, but what if I told you there’s actually many more ways in which to refer to a cat in Spanish?

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Cover photo 20 Ways to say “dog” in Spanish like a native speaker

20 Ways to say “dog” in Spanish like a native speaker

How do you say dog in Spanish?… Easy answer: “perro”.

That’s basic, isn’t it? 

In Spanish, however, people say more than “perro” to refer to dogs. 

We could even say that there are some universal nicknames for dogs among the Spanish-speaking world. 

In this blog post, I’ll teach you 20 different words that people use to say dog in Spanish. 

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4 Totally Different ways to say “For you” in Spanish - cover photo

4 Totally Different ways to say “For you” in Spanish

How do you say “For you” in Spanish? 

Perhaps you got a present for someone and you want to sound special giving this present as you speak Spanish. 

What if that’s your crush, and you want to sound interesting as you say “this is for you” in Spanish? 

And what if that person is a native speaker? 

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Cover photo 24 Ways to say beautiful woman in Spanish

She’ll love you after this: 23 ways to say beautiful woman in Spanish

You’re in love with that gorgeous Latina… but, how do you praise her, so you can tell her that she’s a beautiful woman in Spanish?

Most men like to express how much they appreciate women’s beauty, and women usually like their couples to do that. 

The translation for that would be “Eres una mujer hermosa”.

If you’re looking for more phrases to say: You’re a beautiful woman in Spanish, then you’ve come to the right place.

But, how can you diversify your vocabulary, and go beyond that one phrase?

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cover photo - 32 ways to say you're welcome in spanish

32 Ways to say you’re welcome in Spanish to sound like a native speaker

We all know that if someone says “Gracias” to you, and you want to reply with a you’re welcome in Spanish, then you would say “con gusto”.

But, is there another way to say that in Spanish?

Do native speakers use this phrase all the time?


They use way more expressions to communicate this “you’re welcome” idea after someone expresses gratefulness.

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