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32 Ways to say you’re welcome in Spanish to sound like a native speaker

We all know that if someone says “Gracias” to you, and you want to reply with a you’re welcome in Spanish, then you would say “con gusto”.

But, is there another way to say that in Spanish?

Do native speakers use this phrase all the time?


They use way more expressions to communicate this “you’re welcome” idea after someone expresses gratefulness.

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40 maneras de decir hola en espanol

40 Spanish greetings to impress your Spanish-speaking friends and say hi like Juanes, Shakira, or any native speaker

How many Spanish greetings do you know?…

Are you the kind of student who uses the same old words for everything?…

—Buenos días

—Hola, Mike, ¿cómo amaneciste?

—Buenos días


—¿Buenos días?

—¿De qué hablas?

—Buenos días…

No doubt, if you want to speak better Spanish, and you want to communicate with native speakers, you need to know different ways to say hello in Spanish.

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40 Different ways to say how are you in Spanish: Vocabulary people use in real-life

How do you say “how are you” in Spanish?

Easy answer: “¿Cómo estás?”.

This is probably one of the most basic phrases that people learn in Spanish and one of the first things you learn in Spanish courses.

In real life, the question: “¿cómo estás?”, is just one of the many ways that native speakers have for asking each other how’re they doing.

You could use this basic phrase in all your conversations.

But, what if a native speaker hits you with a different one?

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20 Arabic words in Spanish

Arabic wordsin Spanish could be seen as very complicated, but they are more similar than you could ever imagine.

If you’re trying to learn Spanish and you’re from a country that speaks Arabic, then you definitely need to know that there are tons of words in Spanish that have an Arabic origin.

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