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13 Formas Diferentes De Decir ‘Thank You’ En Español

¿Sabes cómo decir ‘thank you’ en español?

Probablemente, estés pensando en la palabra ‘Gracias’.

Sin duda, esta es una palabra básica para cualquier estudiante en español.

Sin embargo, si tienes planes de viajar a algún país hispano, o si tienes amigos que hablan español, entonces tienes que saber que hay muchas formas de agradecer en este idioma. 

En este blog post, aprenderás 13 formas diferentes para decir ‘thank you’ en español, o en otras palabras, conocerás más maneras de dar las gracias. 

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two hands crossed and the title in front: 46 Unique Ways To Say No In Spanish

46 Unique Ways To Say No In Spanish + Pronunciation

Do you know how to say ‘no’ in Spanish correctly? 

I mean, you could say ‘no’ just like you do it in English and people would understand, but… 

What if you need a different kind of ‘no’? 

Like when you say something to let the other person know that there’s nothing in this world that’s going to make you say ‘yes’? 

A simple ‘no’ wouldn’t work for a situation like that.

That’s why I prepared this blog post so that you can learn:

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41 maneras de decir hola en espanol

41 Maneras De Decir Hola en Español

¿Sabes cómo decir ‘hola’ en español de diferentes maneras?

En otras palabras, ¿sabes saludar correctamente a las personas en español?

¿O quizás eres el tipo de estudiante que usa las mismas palabras de siempre?

Ya sabes, algo así: 

—Hola 🤖
—Hola Mike, ¿cómo amaneciste? 😄
—Hola 🤖
—Sí, ya dijiste eso… 😀
—Hola 🤖
—ehhh… ¿hola? 🤨
—Hola… 🤖

Bueno, lo admito… quizás ese ejemplo es un poco exagerado 😅

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15 Unique Ways To Say Yes In Spanish

What’s the equivalent of saying yes in Spanish?

The answer is ‘Sí’

Simple, right? 

Pronunciation is easy too.

It’s the same sound as the word “see” in English.

However, if you watch a Colombian or a Spanish movie, you’ll notice that people use other expressions to say ‘Yes’ in Spanish.

In this blog post, you’ll learn some of those ways to respond affirmatively to questions in this language.

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adjectives with a to describe someone in spanish cover photo

44 Adjectives With A To Describe A Person In Spanish

Are you looking for adjectives with ‘a’ to describe a person in Spanish?

You’ll find 44 words to do just that in this blog post. 

They will come in handy whenever you are writing and run out of adjectives.

However, if you are looking for a wordlist like this, and your goal is to learn these words by memory so that you can speak fluently, let me warn you:

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How to say good job in spanish cover photo

43 Easy Ways To Say ‘Good Job’ In Spanish

Do you know how to say ‘good’ job in Spanish?

Universally, you may say:

Buen Trabajo

That’ll do the job and will work for any situation. 

And if you want to pronounce it correctly, just read the following phrase out loud:


However, In Spanish, we have many other phrases to express this idea.

In fact, depending on who you talk to, you might want to consider using specific phrases over others.


Well because it’s not the same to say ‘good job’ when you’re playing a sport, as when you want to praise a child after doing something good.

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How to say okay in spanish cover photo

How To Say Okay In Spanish The Colombian Way

How do you say ‘okay’ in Spanish?

If you know some Spanish already, you probably would reply to this question with the phrase:

“Está Bien” or simply “Bien”.

And you are 100% right!

This might work universally across all Spanish-speaking countries. 

However, when you closely examine how people from specific countries talk, you’ll notice that they don’t always use these generic expressions to say ‘okay’ in Spanish. 

Colombians for example have their unique style to say it. 

And in this blog post, I want to walk you through all the Colombian ways I know to say Okay in Spanish.

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How To Say ‘Cool’ In Spanish In Different Countries

How to say cool in Spanish?… Straight and simple mis amigos:

“Genial” is the most universal equivalent for this expression.

However, if you’ve been studying Spanish for a while now, you know native speakers have unique ways to communicate according to their home countries.

Yes, there are some universal ways to say cool in Spanish.

But, in this blog post, I will give you a free imaginary plane ticket to go with me to six Latin American countries:

  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Costa Rica
  • Chile
  • And Spain

The goal?

We’ll uncover the many different answers you can find worldwide to today’s question:

How to say cool in Spanish?

This is crucial for you, especially if you’re planning to make a real-life trip to a Spanish-speaking country…

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61 frases para hablar de limpieza en espanol

61 Frases Para Hablar De Limpieza En Español

¿Sabes cómo hablar de limpieza en español correctamente? 

Hoy aprenderás algunas frases y palabras que solo usamos los nativos en español.

Conocer este tipo de frases y palabras, puede ser muy útil para ti.

Especialmente si vives con hispanohablantes nativos.

Y seamos honestos…

El vocabulario que nos enseñan en clase de español, a veces no es Lo suficientemente amplio para poder expresar tus ideas libremente en este idioma.

En este blog post vamos a imaginar que tú vas a empezar a limpiar tu casa.

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