Kid kissing his mom on the cheek

Make Her Smile! 21 Beautiful Expressions Latinos Use With Words That Describe Mom In Spanish

What are some words that describe mom in Spanish?

Have you even recently expressed appreciation for your mother?

If she speaks Spanish then you definitely need to show that you love her in her own language because remember…

Motherhood can be challenging and she deserves good words from you!

In fact, no matter where you live, an expression to show some love towards your mom is always valuable.

In this blog post, I’ll teach you 21 beautiful expressions that people use to refer to mothers in Spanish.

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Guy relaxing in pool 20 ways to say calm down in Spanish cover photo

20 Ways To Say Calm Down In Spanish That Latinos Say To Avoid Losing Their Cool

How do you say calm down in Spanish?… Cálmate.

That’s the exact translation from English to Spanish if that’s all you were looking for.

However, if you’ve been studying Spanish for a while now then you probably know that native speakers use way more than English equivalents to express ideas. 

If you are thinking about traveling or maybe if you have Spanish-speaking friends, you must know those other ways to say “cálmante”.

After all, everyone has periods in which we lose our cool and we need someone else to tell us to chill out.

Will you need someone telling you to calm down or are you going to say that to somebody else?

Either way, you need to know these expressions.

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7 Ways to say have a good day in Spanish just like Latinos do it

7 Ways to say have a good day in Spanish just like Latinos do it

Perhaps you want to start a conversation with your neighbor by wishing him a good day, or maybe you just want to be kind to Spanish speakers, and you want to say “have a good” day in Spanish, how can you say that as they do it?

It’s not the same if you translate “have a good day” on Google Translator than if you use the same phrases that Spanish native speakers use in their everyday life.

If you talk like them and use the language and they use, it’s more likely to start nice and friendly conversations.

In this article, I’m going to share with you 8 different ways to say “have a good day” in Spanish, so you can be kind to people on your next trip to Latin America, or when you visit your Spanish-speaking family.

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14 Ways to say grandpa in Spanish like a native speaker - cover photo

14 Ways to say grandpa in Spanish like a native speaker

How do you say grandpa in Spanish? “Abuelo”, that’s it. 

However, if you want to know how real native speakers call their grandpas in Spanish, you have to keep reading this article because today, I’ll share 14 different ways with you. 

Yes, you may get away with the basic translation that I just gave you, but in real life, people use more than that. 

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Cover photo - how to say thank you in spanish like a native speaker

13 Ways to Say “Thank You” in Spanish Like a Native Speaker

Latin Americans are extremely polite people. If you have plans to travel to any Spanish-speaking countries in the near future, or simply have Spanish-speaking friends, you must learn the many ways there are to say “thank you” in Spanish.

Some are quite simple, and some will need that you clean the dust off your old High School Spanish class notebook to understand them; they’re all useful!

These are 13 ways to say “thank you” in Spanish:

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how to say mom in spanish like a native speaker

How to Say Mom in Spanish Like a Native Speaker

Mothers, the women to whom we owe not only our lives, but also our admiration. Throughout the course of our lives, they’ve raised and protected us. In Latin America, we have many ways to refer to our Mom in Spanish, and there’s a good reason for that.

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10 ways to say cat in Spanish cover photo

10 Ways to say “cat” in Spanish like a native speaker

If you’ve ever taken a basic Spanish lesson or traveled to one of the dreamy destinations Latin America has to offer, you probably know enough of the language to order food, get directions, or even know the word for cat in Spanish.

Sure, you know those little furry felines are called “gato” by the locals, but what if I told you there’s actually many more ways in which to refer to a cat in Spanish?

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Cover photo 20 Ways to say “dog” in Spanish like a native speaker

20 Ways to say “dog” in Spanish like a native speaker

How do you say dog in Spanish?… Easy answer: “perro”.

That’s basic, isn’t it? 

In Spanish, however, people say more than “perro” to refer to dogs. 

We could even say that there are some universal nicknames for dogs among the Spanish-speaking world. 

In this blog post, I’ll teach you 20 different words that people use to say dog in Spanish. 

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