3 Tips that will improve your Spanish

There are many ways you can practice Spanish, the language you want to learn; but sometimes we get trapped thinking that the only way to practice Spanish is talking to a native speaker or a teacher.Well, keep reading and you will see how to practice and then improve your Spanish on a daily basis with these simple things we do.

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How to learn Spanish on your own

Warning:the following article is intended for intermediate Spanish learners, the activities we recommend could be frustrating for beginners.

A couple of months ago, I was talking to a friend who liked music very much, he always enjoyed going to concerts and listening to his favorite bands, he was always watching YouTube videos of music festivals, he was really passionate about music, the meaning of the songs he liked, the sounds of the instruments and everything a fan of music likes. Interestingly though, he didn’t know how to play a musical instrument. My friend and I lost touch for almost a year and when I saw him again he was playing guitar really good. He was not a pro or something like that, but he could play some of his favorite songs and was practicing new songs too.

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Why can’t you be fluent in Spanish?

Learning to speak Spanish or any other language is not an easy job, or at least it doesn’t seem like an easy job. Some people spend a lot of time and money on schools to learn to speak Spanish, they even spend years studying this language, but when the moment comes to speak to a Spanish native speaker, they just can’t talk fluently.

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