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How to learn Spanish: Interview with Olly Richards

We all need some motivation from time to time, and we know you need it during your journey of learning languages. Sometimes, we need to pause, look at the top of the mountain and check how other people who have achieved the things that you are fighting to get, in your case is probably speaking Spanish.

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Review: Effortless English: learn to speak English like a native, by AJ hoge

Some years ago, I was just starting to learn English and while navigating on the internet I found this website: effortlessenglishclub.com. At first, I thought it was just another web page trying to sell some services, but when I started to read, I realized it was way more than that. Everything I read was about how to learn to speak English with a natural method, approaching to how native speakers learn their first language. I immediately loved this website, and a while ago, AJ Hoge, the founder of effortless English launched a book.

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