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LingQ 5.0 Review: Is It Still Worth Your Time & Money?

What’s your favorite app to learn languages?… Mine is LingQ without a doubt.

And since there’s a new version (5.0) available now, I thought it was a great opportunity to review it. 

In this blog post, we’ll go through some of the reasons why I think you should be using LingQ to learn languages, as well as present you the things I don’t like about the app.

My goal with this review is to describe how LingQ works and my opinion about this service.

It will help you to make a conscious choice on how this app may help you learn a new language.

More importantly though, for readers of this blog:

Will it help you learn or improve your Spanish? 

Let’s find out… 

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5 similar to spanish languages

The 5 Most Similar To Spanish Languages That You Need To Learn After Beating Spanish

Did you know that more than 900 million people speak a language similar to Spanish? 

That’s almost 13% of the worldwide population! 

It’s crazy to think that so many people share similarities in the language they talk.

This is possible because Spanish is a Romance Language.

That means that it comes from Vulgar Latin, the same origin that lots of different languages share today. 

In this article we’ll discuss 5 languages that are similar to Spanish.

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