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¿Qué son los modismos en español?

Los modismos en español son un obstáculo para muchos extranjeros que quieren aprender este idioma.

¿Pero por qué es difícil entender los modismos? ¿Y qué son los modismos en español exactamente?…

En este artículo responderemos estas preguntas.

Además de eso, al final voy a enseñarte 4 modismos que puedes usar en cualquier país hispano hablante.

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How to learn grammar in Spanish

Grammar is one of the most difficult things to learn in Spanish; I tell you this as a Spanish native speaker who had so many problems to pass Spanish back in school. Now, if Spanish grammar rules are even so complicated for native speakers, how in the world are you supposed to learn them?

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What’s the difference between Más Que and Más De in Spanish?

Lots of people who want to learn Spanish get confused when they need to use “

más que and más de in Spanish.


Because both phrases mean “More than” in English.

So, how can there be two words that mean the same thing?

In this article, you’ll learn when to use más que and más de in Spanish effectively, so you can sound more natural when you speak Spanish.

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How to roll your Rs in Spanish

I did a research and found that a very common problem for Spanish learners is to roll the Rs like native speakers, in fact, my question to lots of different people was: “What is the most difficult Spanish word for you to pronounce?”, I was surprised to find out that most of them answer something like: “Anything with R”.

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Prepare to give a Speech in a foreign language Draft

Have you ever stood in front of people with the intention to instruct them, teach them something you know, or something you’re learning? Most of us, have had to do this, maybe because we were studying at a school or university, or because of our job we had to stand in front of more than one person and we had to start talking about a topic we knew or a topic we did some research on. However, have you ever had to give a speech in a foreign language?

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Something to consider before you move to a Spanish speaking country!!

It used to be a dangerous place for some, but not anymore. Medellín, Colombiahas become a very touristic place. Many foreigners come every week to check out one of the most interesting places in the world. And some of these visitors love the city and want to move here. If you are planning to move to a Spanish Speaking country, we recommend that you train your ear, and listen before you move to any Spanish speaking country.

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Advantages of speaking Spanish

Mark was very excited because he was just a year away to finish his college degree in economics. He realized he had to take an assignment of Spanish as a second language in order to complete his degree. He thought, this was a great opportunity to learn Spanish once and for all, that’s when he decided to turn to spanishToMind.com, looking for some motivation to learn Spanish, and ask us what are some advantages of speaking Spanish.

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