Should you listen to slow audio in Spanish?

Today, I want to share a very interesting article that I read about using slow audio to learn Spanish.

When we are learning a foreign language, almost all of us complain about one thing:

“Native speakers talk too fast!”

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How to pronounce the h in Spanish

How to pronounce the h in Spanish?… Read the following story:

I’m enjoying a private Spanish lesson with one of my American students, and as I tell him a story in Spanish, words come and go helping the student increase and practice vocabulary…

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qué son los modismos en espanol cover photo

¿Qué son los modismos en español?

Los modismos en español son un obstáculo para muchos extranjeros que quieren aprender este idioma.

¿Pero por qué es difícil entender los modismos? ¿Y qué son los modismos en español exactamente?…

En este artículo responderemos estas preguntas.

Además de eso, al final voy a enseñarte 4 modismos que puedes usar en cualquier país hispano hablante.

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How to learn grammar in Spanish

Grammar is one of the most difficult things to learn in Spanish; I tell you this as a Spanish native speaker who had so many problems to pass Spanish back in school. Now, if Spanish grammar rules are even so complicated for native speakers, how in the world are you supposed to learn them?

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Little girl reading a book

What’s the difference between Más Que and Más De in Spanish?

Lots of people who want to learn Spanish get confused when they need to use “

más que and más de in Spanish.


Because both phrases mean “More than” in English.

So, how can there be two words that mean the same thing?

In this article, you’ll learn when to use más que and más de in Spanish effectively, so you can sound more natural when you speak Spanish.

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How to roll your Rs in Spanish

I did a research and found that a very common problem for Spanish learners is to roll the Rs like native speakers, in fact, my question to lots of different people was: “What is the most difficult Spanish word for you to pronounce?”, I was surprised to find out that most of them answer something like: “Anything with R”.

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