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44 Adjectives With A To Describe A Person In Spanish

Are you looking for adjectives with ‘a’ to describe a person in Spanish?

You’ll find 44 words to do just that in this blog post. 

They will come in handy whenever you are writing and run out of adjectives.

However, if you are looking for a wordlist like this, and your goal is to learn these words by memory so that you can speak fluently, let me warn you:

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What’s The Difference Between Te Amo And Te Quiero?

What’s the difference between te amo and te quiero?…  In a few words: Each phrase makes a difference in the level of intensity of the affection or the love you express to a person or an object. To avoid uncomfortable confusion, here’s a little advice: But, as it always happens with the Spanish language, there’s …

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Cuál vs Qué: Everything You Need To Grasp The Difference

What is the difference between cuál vs qué? 


  • Cuál means which
  • Qué means what

Now, sometimes this may not be as easy as it sounds, and using these little words might become a little tricky, leaving you as confused as a cat trying to catch a light. 


Because sometimes, ‘which’ and ‘what’ work differently in Spanish than the way they do in English.

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“Tu In Spanish”: How To Use It Correctly So That You Speak Flawlessly

Are you struggling to understand when to use and when not to use tu in Spanish?

You’re not alone! Many of us have danced the cha-cha of confusion with this seemingly innocuous word.

Yes, the translator may tell you that “tu” means “you”, but what it can’t tell you is that native speakers use it for more than that.

And what the heck is the difference between the written forms “tu” and “tú”?

What is that accent doing there? 

Are they pronounced differently?

Fear not, amigos, for in this blog post, we’re uncovering the “tu” in Spanish enigma!

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Can I Learn Spanish By Myself?: Mistakes I Made When I Went Solo

“Can I learn Spanish by myself?”

This is a question that bubbles up with hope and a sprinkle of doubt. 

Is it really possible to navigate the vast world of language solo, without traditional classrooms or formal teachers?

The answer is yes!

You can learn Spanish by yourself!

In fact, this is my favorite way to learn languages, but here’s the crucial bit: there’s a catch. 

Learning solo is empowering, but only if you don’t waste your time doing the wrong things. 

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¿Por Qué Escuchar Español Es Más Importante Que Hablar En Español?

Ya llevas un buen tiempo aprendiendo español. 

De hecho, tienes un “streak” casi perfecto en Duolingo y sigues ganando cada test de gramática en tu clase de español. 

Vas muy bien, pero hay un problema… 

Cada vez que escuchas a dos nativos hablar en español no entiendes absolutamente nada. 

Peor aun, cuando tú tratas de hablar español con un nativo, siempre utilizas frases como: 

“Más despacio por favor”, o la clásica “repite por favor”.

Si te pasa eso, tu problema es uno y solo uno: 

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Por Qué Aprender Español Con Cuentos Cortos Es Mejor Que Ir A Clase

Recuerdo cuando solía trabajar en una empresa que se dedicaba a vender ropa. La compañía tenía tiendas en cinco (5) diferentes puntos de la ciudad; sin embargo, mi trabajo no era vender ropa.

Yo trabajaba en el departamento de tecnología y mi trabajo era visitar cada tienda para reparar los computadores y las redes (networks) de la empresa.

La verdad es que tenía que conducir mucho para llegar a cada tienda. Muchas personas podrían pensar que conducir tanto puede ser una perdida de tiempo, pero yo lo aprovechaba para aprender inglés.

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Are You Hispanic If You Don’t Speak Spanish?

One of my students called Luis is a Mexican-American who often wonders: “are you Hispanic if you don’t speak Spanish?…

True, it might seem like an identity problem that for some people the answer lies in the place you’re born, but if you were born in a different country to the one all your family is from, then we all know that it’s not just about where you took your first breath for the first time in life.

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