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What’s the difference between Más Que and Más De in Spanish?

Lots of people who want to learn Spanish get confused when they need to use “

más que and más de in Spanish.


Because both phrases mean “More than” in English.

So, how can there be two words that mean the same thing?

In this article, you’ll learn when to use más que and más de in Spanish effectively, so you can sound more natural when you speak Spanish.

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Learn Spanish faster and effectively

Imagine you are on a trip, and your destination is “Spanish fluency town”. How would you like to get there? In a slow bus? Or in a fast and a powerful airplane?…. No doubt, you would love to get there as fast as you can, is there really a way to learn Spanish faster?

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How to roll your Rs in Spanish

I did a research and found that a very common problem for Spanish learners is to roll the Rs like native speakers, in fact, my question to lots of different people was: “What is the most difficult Spanish word for you to pronounce?”, I was surprised to find out that most of them answer something like: “Anything with R”.

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How to say “hey” in Spanish

I know I was supposed to write the second part of the series “The best Spanish to learn”. However, I thought it would be very interesting to actually post a video in Spanish, made by me, explaining a different way of saying “hey” that actually will help you out to sound more native in one of the cities I talked about in the former article.

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Get started with your Spanish for work

Let’s say you are one of those people that work with tourists, at a hotel, or you just love to serve other people, and at work, there’s a lot of Latinos that you need to contact or serve. Well, there are ways you can learn Spanish for work. And we are going to talk about that in this post.

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Prepare to give a Speech in a foreign language Draft

Have you ever stood in front of people with the intention to instruct them, teach them something you know, or something you’re learning? Most of us, have had to do this, maybe because we were studying at a school or university, or because of our job we had to stand in front of more than one person and we had to start talking about a topic we knew or a topic we did some research on. However, have you ever had to give a speech in a foreign language?

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