How To Express Condolences In Spanish - A Good Friend's Guide - Cover Photo

How to Express Condolences in Spanish Like A Native Speaker: A Friend’s Guide For Times Of Grief

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful situations someone may experience, but how do you express condolences in Spanish?

You see, grief knows no language barriers, and when a friend is hurting, you want to be there, even if Spanish is your second language.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through 19 heartfelt Spanish phrases to show your support when it matters most.

Let’s learn to be the friend who truly understands and cares.

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19 Expressions To Say Dude In Spanish Slang Just Like A Native Talking To His Friends

In English, the word dude is an informal term to refer to a person in a casual manner, but is there a way to say dude in Spanish slang?

Of course, there is! 

And even more interesting, there’s more than just one way to say this. 

In fact, the way to say dude in Spanish may change drastically depending on the region in which you’re hearing the language. 

However, no matter where you are, if you know the expressions people use to chat casually, then you’ll be able to understand conversations with ease.

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Dog looking like if he was saying please

How to say please in Spanish: 15 expressions to make you sound like a native speaker

The exact translation for “please in” Spanish is “por favor”.

However, I know that, as language learners, we always want to learn more of the language we want to acquire.

And, as for you specifically, I’m sure you don’t want to say “por favor” all the time. 

As a passionate Spanish student, you probably want to imitate the way native speakers talk.

Because of that, today I’ll share 14 expressions that only real Latinos and Spaniards use to say “please” in Spanish.

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Is It True Love? 19 Expressions To Say I Love You In Spanish From The Bottom Of Your Heart

You want to make that person feel special; tell him or her something that shows your feelings, but what words should you pick, how do you even say I love you in Spanish if that’s what you mean? 

Interestingly, the words you pick for this situation matter a lot in this beautiful language. 

This is because if you pick the wrong words, you could send the wrong signals to people. 

I mean, you don’t want to tell your grandpa that you love him as a husband, do you? 😅

To avoid that uncomfortable confusion, in this blog post, I will share with you 19 different ways to say I love you in Spanish.

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10 Unusual Websites With Fascinating Spanish Articles To Read So That You Immerse Yourself In The Language

Have you ever struggled to find Spanish articles to read that you can enjoy, immerse and understand with ease?…

I’ve been there too because I struggled a lot to find stuff I enjoyed reading when I was learning English.

Today I want to make it easier for you and your Spanish learning journey in this blog post. I’ll share 10 websites with Spanish articles to read that I’m confident will be worth your time.

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Kid kissing his mom on the cheek

Make Her Smile! 21 Beautiful Expressions Latinos Use With Words That Describe Mom In Spanish

What are some words that describe mom in Spanish?

Have you even recently expressed appreciation for your mother?

If she speaks Spanish then you definitely need to show that you love her in her own language because remember…

Motherhood can be challenging and she deserves good words from you!

In fact, no matter where you live, an expression to show some love towards your mom is always valuable.

In this blog post, I’ll teach you 21 beautiful expressions that people use to refer to mothers in Spanish.

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10 Films In Spanish To Get In Touch With The Culture

10 Films In Spanish To Get In Touch With The Culture

Today I’m happy to feature a guest post by Pedro, one of the writers at the LingoPie blog, which is a language learning platform dedicated to making language learning immersive through TV and movies. 

It’s no secret that movies are one of those resources that sometimes shine as Spanish learning resources.

But what are some interesting movies to watch out there? Especially in Spanish where you may find such a long catalog of movies! 

Pedro has great recommendations for you, and I have even watched some of them.

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LingQ 5.0 review - cover photo

LingQ 5.0 Review: Is It Still Worth Your Time & Money?

What’s your favorite app to learn languages?… Mine is LingQ without a doubt.

And since there’s a new version (5.0) available now, I thought it was a great opportunity to review it. 

In this blog post, we’ll go through some of the reasons why I think you should be using LingQ to learn languages, as well as present you the things I don’t like about the app.

My goal with this review is to describe how LingQ works and my opinion about this service.

It will help you to make a conscious choice on how this app may help you learn a new language.

More importantly though, for readers of this blog:

Will it help you learn or improve your Spanish? 

Let’s find out… 

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