How to speak Spanish with an Argentinian accent

The Argentinian accent is very well known because it sounds different than the rest of the accents in Spanish.

Actually, lots of people consider this accent, as one of the most beautiful accents in Spanish, and others say that it sounds quite sexy.

Today, I want to share an article that I read on the I Will Teach You A Languageblog about an introduction to the Argentinian accent.

A short summary: An introduction to the Argentinian accent

Have you ever dreamed of having an international trip to Argentina?

Do you like the Argentinian accent so much that you would only like to sound like an Argentinian in Spanish?

In the blog post that you’re about to read, we see that first of all, the accent of this country goes along with their culture.

You’ll see how Argentinians love their country and that they are in love with the things they have achieved as a nation(this includes fútbol!).

Second of all, it will be clear that for Argentinians the pronoun “tú” does not exist, and it could even sound weird if someone from their country tries to use this word.

Finally, you will learn some vocabulary that only the real Argentinians know how to use it.

I want to mention just some of them, and then I’ll leave that the article explains the rest:

  • Che
  • Pelotudo
  • Fiaca
  • Laburo
  • Mango(s)
  • Plata
  • ¿Che, de que parte sos vos?

Have you ever heard any of these expressions before?

Well… these are words that only make sense in Argentina, and if you want to find out the meaning of them…

Ladies and gentlemen…

(Drum roll suspense sound)

Read now: ¡Che Boludo! A Brief Introduction to Argentine Spanish by IWillTeachYouALanguage!

After reading the article, don’t forget to come back and give me your opinion about the Argentinian accent.

Have you heard it before? do you like it?

Leave your opinion in the comments below.


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