20 Arabic words in Spanish

Arabic wordsin Spanish could be seen as very complicated, but they are more similar than you could ever imagine.

If you’re trying to learn Spanish and you’re from a country that speaks Arabic, then you definitely need to know that there are tons of words in Spanish that have an Arabic origin.

Check out the following video and see how similar they can be:

20 Arabic words in Spanish

Next, I want to write down the words you saw in the video, so you can have them for your records. You will see them in this order: Arabic – Spanish – English

1- Bloosa – Blusa – Blouse

2- Bantalon – Pantalones – Pants

3- Kamis – Camisa – Shirt

4- Sookar – Azúcar – Sugar

5- Guithara – Guitarra – Guitar

6- Zayt – Aceite – Cooking oil

7- Aqrab – Alacrán – Scorpion

8- Hata – Hasta- Until

9- Moseka – Música – Music

After I saw the video above, I became so curious about these similarities that I wanted to see if I could find more, and here are some of the ones that I found:

10 – fidáwš – Fideo – Noodles

11- ǧárra – Jarra – Jar

12- Lima – Lima – Lime

13- Naranǧa – Naranja – Orange

14- Tássa – Taza – Cup or Mug

15- Giraffa – Jirafa – Giraffe

16- kuḥúl – Alcohol – Alcohol

17- Algĕbra – Álgebra – Algebra

18- Alqáḍi – Alcalde – Mayor

19 – Aḍḍáy‘a – Aldea – Village

20 – Maschera – Máscara – Mask

If your mother language is Arabic, take advantage of these similarities and go for more Spanish for you.

You may find more of these Arabic words in Spanish here.

Why these similarities?

As you saw in the video, the Arabic language had some influence over Spanish in the past and that’s why we can see these similarities today.

Now, if you think about it, almost all languages have some things in common. We could even say that grammar always follows a basic pattern that is the same in every language, the question is… why?

Could it be that our current languages come all from one original language?

Tell me what you think in the comments below, I’d love to hear your opinion about this topic.

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