Mi nombre es Diego Cuadros y estoy aquí para compartir mi lengua materna contigo: español.

If you’re here, you probably have been involved with learning Spanish for a while now. However, you’ve faced some obstacles in your journey and you just can’t stop feeling like:

  • You can’t communicate your ideas clearly.
  • You get all embarrassed when you try to speak Spanish.
  • People in real life speak rapidly and unclearly.
  • You’ve worked so hard on your Spanish, and you should be better by now.
  • You can understand Spanish speakers but you can’t speak to them.

I know what it’s like to feel that way because I’m a language learner too. In fact, during my journey with languages, I’ve had to deal with a part of my personality that doesn’t help you much when learning a new language: shyness.

It was so daunting when I wanted to practice my new language, but at the same time I was:

  • Afraid of making mistakes, especially in front of native speakers.
  • Anxious of feeling ridiculous for not understanding what someone would sa and give an answer that didn’t have anything to do with the conversation.
  • Frustrated for taking years of studying a language, but not seeing the results I wanted

Can you relate to my feelings? …

Thankfully, I found a breakthrough. And then, I got to a really high level of proficiency in the language that I wanted to learn. This happened to me when I was learning to speak English.

Now, during my learning journey, I met a lot of English speakers who were trying to learn Spanish.

I noticed that they were facing the same roadblocks I had to face with English, and because I knew how to overcome those obstacles, I designed a guide for Spanish learners so they can successfully understand real Spanish and speak confidently:

¿Quieres hablar español como un nativo?

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10 Secretos que nadie te dice para hablar español como un nativo.

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I was a regular monolingual kid (Only Spanish) who got interested in languages when my dad started to take English lessons. To be honest, I thought my dad knew everything about English back then!

I was always like:

Pa’… ¿Cómo se dice [Any word] en inglés?

Due to my interest in English, my parents decided to sign me up for private English lessons with a lady who lived on the 8th floor of the building where we lived.

I learned a lot from these lessons but spent most of the time laughing with my cousin at the lady’s singing voice.

Don’t get me wrong, but I think she thought that music was a nice way to teach us English and become a famous singer at the same time.


Thanks to this lady, I got good grades in English during the elementary school, but I never really spoke English. All I knew was the correct answer to fill in the gaps, and write basic things.


I got to high school and I had to move to a school where they needed me to have a certain amount of hours of studying an English program and a conversational level of English in order to graduate.

That’s when my parents sent me to an English institute in order to achieve the school requirements.

Well, I was there for almost a year and by the end of the course, I passed my high school test and graduated.

Everything seemed



Did I really achieve a conversational level of English?… Nope.

  • I could read.
  • Short and basic phrases were my best friends.
  • I knew a lot of English grammar, but I couldn’t hold a fluent conversation with a native speaker.
  • Even worse I struggled so much to understand spoken English.

I felt so frustrated!

Almost all my life studying English and teachers kept saying to me: “You just need to study harder”

That’s when I told myself things like: “I suck at languages”, “this is not for me”… and finally, I quit.


I had some family from the US whom I hadn’t seen since I was a little boy and they were coming to visit us for the following year after my graduation.

By that time, I met my two American cousins. They were just little girls who were just in the elementary school back then.

When I met them though, I realized they were perfectly fluent in both languages: Spanish and English, they sounded as native speakers in both languages.

That shocked me!

I had spent my entire school life taking English lessons and I couldn’t hold the smallest conversation with a native speaker, but these two girls were like 9 and 6 years old and they were fully bilingual!

“What the heck is wrong with me?” ─ I was constantly asking myself.

I was so impressed and at the same time so in love with my cousin’s bilingual skills that I decided to achieve English fluency right then and there.

During their visit, I spent a lot of time hanging out with my little cousins. I was playing with them, listening to them, trying to reply to their questions in English, and basically trying to enjoy their laugh every time I mispronounced a word.

My cousin’s visit lasted only a short week. However, I had learned more English during that week than during all my English classes.


My family left and I had set a goal for myself: I was going to become fluent in English just like my cousins were.

I didn’t want to take another boring English course so I turned to the internet and started to learn on my own.

What I wanted was to develop my own language learning method, trying to forget the boring and stressful activities from the classroom and thinking of myself as an English native speaker who was just starting to learn to speak.

I kept this mindset until I found a mentor on the internet: AJ Hoge.

AJ had created a complete system to become fluent in English effectively.

His method was completely aligned with my “no more school” mindset.

So I took his course, and over time I improved tons.

I did many other things besides AJ’s course, like creating an artificial environment of English: My phone, my laptop, my video games, everything went from Spanish to English!

I also got some foreigner friends who became so helpful in my English learning.

After a while of doing this, I started to get it: I was finally having fluent conversations in English!

Throughout my journey, I had lots of ups and downs which gave me…


Today, I can speak English easily; words come out of my mouth automatically and I can understand native speakers.

I can watch movies; I went to the USA for the first time in my life and had no communication problems, but even better: I’ve got awesome friends from around the world!

Learning to speak a foreign language has opened so many possibilities in my life.

But the best thing of my journey came when I hit the top of the mountain: There’s no better time for a language learner than the moment somebody confuses you with a native speaker, and that’s exactly what happened to me after 4 years of my intensive English learning!

I was so excited about the results I got that I started to share what I did with friends who wanted to learn to speak foreign languages as well.

Eventually, I became an English teacher and a couple of years later a Spanish teacher too, and even though I’m not a certified ELE teacher (Español Como Lengua Extranjera), and I don’t have a master’s degree in linguistics, guess what…

People started to feel the same results I got when I helped them, and now I want to help you get the same results for your Spanish. The first step is simple:

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As a welcome gift you will get a powerful guide that I wrote myself in full Spanish:10 Secretos que nadie te dice para hablar español como un nativo.

¿Quieres hablar español como un nativo?

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Join my newsletter and get my free ebook + the audio version as a welcome gift:

10 Secretos que nadie te dice para hablar español como un nativo.

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