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    Who is this for?

    This guide is for people who studied Spanish in the past, but they still feel like understanding Spanish native speakers is an impossible task.

    I made this guide having in mind one of the main frustrations among Spanish students which is facing latinos speaking Spanish naturally and spontaneously in Spanish: they just talk so fast!

    In this guide, I show you how to solve this problem using listening stories in Spanish, a fun and effective tool that leaves lasting benefits such as:

    • Understanding real-everyday vocabulary in Spanish.
    • Understanding messages easily and automatically in conversations.
    • Identifying when people use different tenses quickly.
    • Getting every word in Spanish without translating in your head.

    What you get

    1- My free PDF Guide: 7 Steps to Understand Fast Speaking Latinos Through Compelling Listening Stories

    2- Your first audio story in Spanish so you can start making progress right away.

    3- The transcription of the story so you can read and listen at the same time.

    What others say about it:

    Diego's use of storytelling to help his students acquire Spanish is extremely effective and entertaining! I highly recommend.” — Greg, U.S.A

    "I like the stories ... because they’re very clever, engaging and fun, it’s very easy to remember them." —Chris, U.S.A