Commit yourself to full “comprehensible input” during 30 days and improve your Spanish with my 30-Day Spanish Challenge.

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Daily dose of Spanish

Calls with a native speaker

Learn with stories that stick

Gain speaking confidence

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Hola, Soy Diego

The 30-Day Spanish Challenge is a program that I designed with one idea in mind:

Make real Spanish part of your daily life so you can be surrounded by the language that native speakers use every day.

Doing this will result in a boost of your listening and speaking skills so you can develop the skills to understand real native speakers and talk Spanish confidently.

Here's What We'll Do In The Next 30 Days:

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We’ll Meet Once A Week

You'll join our weekly calls to delve deeply into specially crafted Spanish stories for immersive learning.

Using brain training techniques, we'll break down stories until you grasp them fully, acquire new vocabulary, learn native idioms, and understand common speaking mistakes.

It's 100% comprehensible learning!

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You'll Use Your Spanish Everyday

After our live session, you'll commit to listening to the story for a week. Repetition fosters deep learning and ensures retention of new vocabulary.

The more you repeat, the more accurate Spanish structure becomes ingrained, cultivating a natural feel for the language.

Intuitive Grammar Learning

Instead of studying grammar, I'll provide the same story in various tenses: Present, Past, and Future.

Repeatedly listening to these audios will naturally instill correct grammar in you, mimicking how native speakers learn their language.

It's a simple, effective method akin to learning your native tongue.

Daily WhatsApp Challenges

I'll send you daily listening and speaking challenges via WhatsApp.

You'll transcribe short audios featuring various native accents and summarize videos using voice notes.

Additionally, you'll engage in speaking challenges and storytelling tasks.

Receive feedback and corrections conveniently via WhatsApp, allowing you to respond at your convenience, fitting into your busy schedule.

What They Say About My Lessons

“Diego invites you on a language journey through Stories. He prepares you and provides comprehensive language input through fun stories. You acquire the language, culture, sound and pronunciation. Bottom Line: You will have acquired the language through your listening skills. ”
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Don Holland
“These stories allow me to learn Spanish naturally, in context, to absorb grammar and vocabulary easily, and in a way that I can immediately use. Diego is not only a great motivator, his story method teaching is fun and enjoyable. He understands what is like to learn another language. He’s kind and patient, and I have every confidence and faith that he’s going to work his magic on my Spanish.”
“Siento que mi español ha mejorado durante estos 30 días del desafío. Ahora puedo entender el español mejor. El desafío me dio la disciplina para escuchar el idioma todos los días y hacer el español parte de mi vida. ¡Gracias por el desafío Diego!

30 Day Challenge

  • 30 Daily Spanish challenges
  • 4 Live lessons with stories
  • 4 Audio stories + PDF transcriptions
  • Correction and pronounciation advice via whatsapp
  • Whatsapp support

What You'll Get

This Is What I Require From You

Do Not Enroll In This Program If...

More Testimonials About My Lessons

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Testimony # 3 Carissa
Testimony #2 Alexander

Rules And Policies

Based on my experience working with other students, I’ve learned that we have to set some rules before we begin working together so everything works good for everyone.

These are the rules that you accept once you decide to enroll in this program, if you don’t agree with them, please don’t buy.

1- The challenge will start once we begin with day #1. When you enroll in the challenge, you commit to completing it up until day #30.

2- If after buying the program you don’t schedule your first live lesson between the first 3 days after the purchase, I’ll refund 100% of your money and the challenge will be canceled.

3- Sunday is my resting day, so live lessons aren’t available for Sundays, and of course, Sundays won’t count as days of the challenge for you.

4- Each live lesson has a duration of 60 minutes.

5- You CAN NOT freeze the challenge or stop it so you can continue it at another time of the year. Once it starts, you must finish it until day 30.

6- You can pick the day and time of the live lessons according to my availability which you’ll get access to once you enroll in the program, but basically, I’m available for live lessons from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 8 pm, and Saturdays from 8 am until noon (Eastern Time).

7- My suggestion is that you do one live lesson a week during the 4 weeks of the challenge, but you may set the most convenient day and time for you during the 30 days. That means that you could have all 4 lessons in just one week if you wanted (which I don’t recommend because you need time to internalize each story and go through the daily challenges, one live lesson a week is better).

8- The live lessons will be available only during the 30 days of the challenge. Once you get to day #30 they won’t be available anymore, except in the following two cases, in which you’ll have 10 days more to book and attend the lesson you skipped:

– I know that life is unpredictable, so if for whatever reason you can’t attend a live lesson, then you may reschedule it for a more convenient time for you. (I would really appreciate it if you let me know in advance when this happens, that will help me manage my time and other lessons better)

-Also, I will let you know in advance if I can’t attend a live lesson for any reason, and we’ll make arrangements to replace that lesson.

Note: We’ll be using google meets, or skype in case we can’t do the lesson through meets.

1- Life is busy, so sometimes I won’t be able to respond to your messages right away, please be patient but make sure that I’ll reply to you ASAP.

2- Whatsapp calls or video calls are forbidden. I’ll support you via text, voice notes, or images.

3- Sunday is my resting day, so I won’t respond to any messages on Sundays, and of course, Sundays won’t count as days of the challenge for you.

4- I promise I will not share your WhatsApp info with anyone, and I will delete it as soon as the challenge is over.

1- Respect is a must in my lessons, so any kind of abusive, offensive language, threats, or bullying during the challenge gives me the right to ban you from the challenge immediately, and if it applies, I’ll refund your money right away (see refund policy below).

2- Sexual talk, nudity, or harassment of any kind will automatically ban you from the program, and I’ll refund your money right away if it applies according to my refund policy (see refund policy below).

3-I will treat you with respect, kindness, patience, and politeness, so I expect you to do the same with me and with other students if we meet with others in a challenge.

1- You CAN NOT copy, sell, distribute, publish or post the stories. This includes the mp3 files and pdf files of the stories written and recorded by me (Diego Cuadros).

2- The stories are for your personal use to improve your Spanish, so it is forbidden to use them or re-use them for commercial purposes.

If you violate the previous two rules, I reserve the right to take legal action against you.

1- You have the right of asking for a refund of the 100% of the money you paid for the program only during the first 7 days of the challenge.

2- After day #7 I do not offer refunds of any kind.

3- If after buying the program you don’t schedule your first live lesson between the first 3 days after the purchase, I’ll refund 100% of your money and the challenge will be canceled.

4- If you violate any of the rules of respect (See “About how we treat each other”), you will be banned from this program and I’ll refund 100% of your money as long as the challenge is between day 1 to day 7 of the program.

5- After day 7 you won’t get any refund of your money even if you violate the rules of respect (See “About how we treat each other”). You will be banned with no right to a refund.

6- I don’t work with kids, so if after purchasing the program I find out that you’re a kid (under 18 years old) or that you bought this for your kid, I’ll cancel your challenge and refund your money right away.

7- The challenge is only for one person, which means that you cannot take it with anyone else. We’ll do this because you’ll get better results with my personalized, individual help, so if you try to take this challenge alongside another person, I’ll cancel your challenge and refund your money (as long as it is still in the first 7 days of the challenge).

Sounds Good, So How Do We Start?

Note: If you don’t see the welcome email in your inbox, check out your spam folder, it probably went there. Just make sure you mark my emails as “it’s not spam” so this doesn’t happen in the future again.