10 Unusual Websites With Fascinating Spanish Articles To Read So That You Immerse Yourself In The Language

Have you ever struggled to find Spanish articles to read that you can enjoy, immerse and understand with ease?…

I’ve been there too because I struggled a lot to find stuff I enjoyed reading when I was learning English.

Today I want to make it easier for you and your Spanish learning journey in this blog post. I’ll share 10 websites with Spanish articles to read that I’m confident will be worth your time.

Whatever you like to read online, there’s something interesting in Spanish for you out there, and these sites cover topics such as:

  • Health and wellness
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Nature
  • Science
  • History
  • News

You name it!

All this content might be helpful to practice and learn more Spanish. Actually, even if you’re a Spanish teacher, these sites may come in handy for preparing your lessons.

I’ve chosen these websites after carefully thinking about different factors like personal interests, difficulty, and length.

So let’s get into it!

1. Nationalgeographicla.com

Do you still remember watching those hour-long nature documentaries on TV years back when WiFi wasn’t a thing?

Good old Natgeo had our backs during those times.

It’s not an easy task to watch an entire documentary in Spanish, but this website has written information about science-based topics.

Stuff like:

  • Psychology
  • Nature
  • The Universe

You may read about all that on NatGeo!

For example, they posted this article to motivate people into working out based on scientific reasons!

Also, if traveling sounds more like you then this article in Spanish may be of your interest so that you immerse your mind in discovering new places.

2. Genial

Genial is designed to be a platform for people to find Spanish articles to read about curiosities and DIY activities.

One thing I like about it is that it’s got always pictures all over each article, those visual aids will help you tremendously with your Spanish comprehension!

Genial even offers articles about house decoration that I’m sure you and your significant other may enjoy if you’re a fan of creating beautiful spaces at home.

You might also find wholesome real-life stories that will melt your heart while learning Spanish.

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3. Semana.com

If you want to read news from Colombia as you get familiarized with Spanish articles to read that are written for native speakers, then this site will suit you perfectly.

In fact, ‘Semana’ isn’t just a website, this is actually one of the most famous magazines in Colombia.

Aside from news, they also feature articles on interesting topics like traveling or lifestyle.

For instance, are you thinking about traveling “sustainably”? They wrote this post to give you some keys about that and do it the Colombian way.

Have you ever wondered how would it be to live in Colombia in 2023 financially wise? Here’s a Spanish post from Semana Magazine that will give you a hint about the Colombian economy right now.

4. Vogue.es

The official website of this famous beauty magazine actually contains very solid Spanish articles to read.

Not to mention that the paragraphs are nicely presented, which also helps to understand what you’re reading.

If you’re into beauty, lifestyle, and fashion, then this site is perfect to combine learning Spanish with something interesting to you.

For instance, check out this article about healthy eating, it’s got amazing Spanish redaction.

Or try reading this post, in which I learned that one of the worse morning habits we can have is checking your phone as you as you wake up.

5. Jw.org

You’d be surprised to know that this site is the most translated on the internet with over 1000 languages, now that takes work!

Even though this website is spirituality related, they offer many other non-religious articles.

From lots of super exciting, short, and illustrated Spanish articles to read and listen simultaneously to easy-to-understand approaches on subjects like history, science, animals, and so on.

Even free to watch videos with the option to turn on subtitles!

Perfect for language learning or foreign language practice in my opinion.

For example, one of the articles I enjoyed the most recently from Jw.org is about the function of cat whiskers, or “los bigotes del gato”… that’s how we call them in Spanish.

Did you know that if a cat loses his whiskers, he’ll be disabled for some time?

I was thrilled to learn that!

6. Newsinslowspanish.com

For many students, this is one of their favorite language-learning resources they’ve come across.

They offer current events narrated at a slower pace.

However, in order for you to get the most out of it, you must log in and purchase a subscription to read further the free content tho.

Now, it might not be a downside if you pay for the premium service considering that they offer features such as:

  • Translations to English
  • Speed control over audio
  • Recording tool to help you improve pronunciation

7. LingQ.com

The reason I include LingQ is that, on this app, you can upload any Spanish articles to read from the web and use its features to go through it with:

  • Dictionaries
  • Translators
  • And voice-overs. 

There’s also a wide variety of articles that other users uploaded from all around the internet.

In other words, you may find any kind of topic to read at LingQ!

Because of that, and because of how much it helped me learn Portuguese, I still consider LingQ the best language-learning app you can find online so far.

Here’s a review I made about the app some months ago:

LingQ Review: Is It Still Worth Your Time & Money?

It’s totally worth reading if you want to read about how I used it to learn Portuguese.

8. Muyinteresante.es

This website offers over 10 different categories of Spanish articles to read.

Many of them are written to give readers the feeling of learning something they didn’t know before rather than being informative.

Something great about it is that some articles come with youtube videos about the same subject, perfect to:

  • Read first
  • And then listen

Or basically, read and get familiarized with the vocabulary so that you may watch the video later and understand more of the language you hear.

I personally loved this article about philosophy knowledge that includes an awesome test to see how much you know!

9. Tendencias21

This website has all the latest scientific and technological news.

In my opinion, this is perfect for those who enjoy the “nerd” side of life and would like to combine that with their skills to read in Spanish.

I feel like the level of these students should be somewhere between the B2 to the C2 level according to the CEFR, so that they can enjoy working with this kind of content.

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Something I love about this site is that there are links to the original scientific news, which gives the articles tons of credibility.

This means that you’ll be practicing your Spanish with 100% authentic material, not just some kind of text someone came up with to teach a grammar rule or vocabulary.

If you decide to read an article from this site, something you could do after reading the article is to compare the original English source with what you understood in the Spanish version.

That’d be great for testing your comprehension.

Another feature I like from Tendencias21 is the section“Breves” which literally means “Shorts”, and it will take to some short articles about science, perfect for students looking for short Spanish readings.

Here’s an article they posted that actually made me think about how close we are to futures displayed in movies like the Matrix or I, Robot: Los ordenadores están cada vez más cerca de emular el cerbro humano.

Is it really a distant future?… Find out at Tendencias21!

10. Consumer.es

One thing to highlight is how practical most of their articles are if you want to engage with day-to-day Spanish vocabulary which is something I highly recommend.

I’ve included this one here because their articles are very detailed and well-thought but also easy to skim through.

For example, the other day I came across a post about some important reminders before borrowing money.

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Reading will help you develop very specific skills in your Spanish learning journey.

It improves your logical understanding and reasoning of the language.

Each site we’ve covered has something particular, so make sure you pick the one that sounds more interesting to you and read some Spanish right away.


And if you feel like your reading skills are not as good as you’d like to have them right now, then make sure you read these posts:

Finally, I’d like to hear from you…

Is there any site with good Spanish articles to read that we could include in today’s list?

Let me know in the comments below.

Diego Cuadros is a blogger and a Spanish online teacher. He uses stories to help Spanish lovers understand fast-speaking native speakers, so they don't freeze and panic in conversations.

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