Welcome to the Spanish to Mind Resources section, a list of the tools and websites I strongly recommend for improving your Spanish, especially at an intermediate level. I have tested almost every recommendation on this page.

Before going deeper into the resources I trust, here’s something I want you to know:

Some of the links below are affiliate links, that means that if you decide to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission and you’ll be supporting this site. Of course, this will not mean an additional cost to you.

I want you to understand that I have used these tools for my own foreign language learning processes or with my Spanish students, and I recommend them because I’m sure they will help you achieve Spanish fluency, not because of the small commissions I make. 

Please, don’t buy this products or services unless you really feel they will help you improve your Spanish. 


logo with blue background and green letters saying lingq

LingQ is an online tool designed to help you learn many languages, but in your case, Spanish will obviously be your target.

This is the tool that I am currently using for learning Portuguese.
I especially love this tool because it uses compelling stories to catch your interest.

LingQ offers a nice tool to understand the foreign language you are learning and In order to make real progress with LinQ, you need to use a lot of listening.

It also tracks your progress and offers a global community and Language Exchange.

Try LingQ


Green and blue square with a letters saying free trial for verbling

I’ve used Verbling to connect with speakers of other languages and it is just great!

This is a very user-friendly platform where you can find professional teachers and tutors that will be more than happy to help you improve your Spanish and make progress towards fluency.

I’ve also been a teacher on Verbling and I have found such a warm and friendly community of language learners and tutors who are excited about languages and connecting with others.

Try Verbling

Spanish Short Stories for Intermediate Learners by Olly Richards 

Reading is an awesome way to improve your Spanish, and this book is written with simple vocabulary aiming to help intermediate learners to increase and improve vocabulary. Not only that, but you can also get the audio version of the book in order to use the most powerful tool in language learning: listening.

This book is a collection of eight fun Spanish stories. I always recommend this book to my Spanish students not just because I love Olly’s work, but because this book uses stories to help you forget that you are learning a foreign language, instead of that you immerse yourself in entertaining and fun stories.

There’s also a version of this series of books aiming to help Spanish beginners

Get it now!


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