Lesson Pack #1

Start listening to short and easy stories that will improve your Spanish tremendously, we promise these four lessons will help you a lot because they are based on a 100% proven method to learn languages.

You will hear real Spanish, the explanation of the words, and a section to learn grammar rules without studying them! This is what you will get:

  • 4 Funny and easy to understand stories in Spanish.
  • The explanation of the words of the story in Spanish.
  • Questions and answers about the story.
  • A section to help you improve your grammar with the stories you hear.
  • 210 minutes of Spanish listening.

If you want to test a free sample of these kinds of lessons, you can get it by scrolling down and subscribing to the free online lesson form; after that we will send it to your Email for free!

*If you are a total Spanish beginner (when you know 0 Spanish), we do not recommend these lessons for you






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