Intensive Spanish Listening

Increase your skills to understand native speakers and to express yourself more naturally and easily in Spanish.

Intensive Spanish Listening Course

  • Did you study Spanish in the past but you still can’t speak?
  • Do you feel Spanish speakers talk too fast for you?
  • Do native speakers struggle to understand when you speak Spanish even though you got a high score on the DELE test?
  • Do you make grammar mistakes even though you already know the grammar rules?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, you probably relate to many Spanish students from around the world.

Let’s think of Christina for a second, she was born in the USA and took Spanish lessons for 2 years in college. After she graduated, she flew to Mexico for a vacation and felt confident that her Spanish skills would keep her alive.

How did the trip to Mexico go?… She died.

I’m just kidding, she didn’t die, but here’s what she said:

“Even asking for the smallest meal was a struggle. I realized I couldn’t really communicate in Spanish.”

Many people from around the world feel the same way as Christina. They go to school and get a textbook, learn the structure of Spanish, the preterit, the imperfect, the subjunctive, they memorize vocabulary and verbs, etc…

After all of that they face the real world, just to find out that they can’t understand real Colombians, Mexicans, Spanish, Argentinians or anyone who has Spanish as the mother tongue.

The reality is that Spanish is totally different than what people usually learn in the classroom, in real life you will find:

  • Idioms
  • Slang
  • Shortened words
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Regionalisms

There are so many expressions that cannot even be translated into English!

Lots of people set a goal to learn to speak Spanish but most of them never achieve it, don’t be like that!

You can learn to speak Spanish fluently.

You can understand Spanish native speakers.

What you really need is to forget this loser excuses:

  • Spanish is just for Smart people: Don’t be such a lazy person, if you learned to speak your mother language, you can learn to speak any language!
  • I don’t have the time: Don’t worry about this, there are nice practices for learning Spanish effectively even though you’re busy.
  • I’m too old: My grandmother learned to use a Smartphone in her late 80’s. Stop limiting yourself, your brain is designed to learn new things every single day of your life!

Welcome to the Intensive Spanish Listening course: Here you can start improving your Spanish today!

I believe Spanish must be learned just like children learn their first language.

The intensive Spanish Listening course is designed to help you improve your Spanish through listening and start walking your journey to fluency.

This course is:

  • Perfect for Anyone with an intermediate level of Spanish who struggles to understand native speakers.
  • Excellent for travellers, entrepreneurs, or people who work with Spanish native speakers.
  • People who have Spanish family/friends and want to connect better with them.
  • Anyone who travels to a Spanish speaking country, especially Colombia.
  • Spanish students who want to increase their fluency skills.
  • People who find it difficult to express themselves in Spanish.
  • People willing to have a full Spanish immersion (98% of the course content is in written and spoken Spanish)

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Sales price: $40  ($30 with the discount code)

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How will this course help you?

  • Learn Naturally, do it through listening like a Child.
  • Never Study Grammar Rules.
  • Improve your grammar skills intuitively.
  • Learn With Your Ears, Not Your Eyes.
  • Learn Spoken Grammar With Fun Stories.
  • Train your brain for automatic Spanish. 

During this course you will learn to:

  • Use many Spanish idioms and real life expressions in your conversations.
  • Understand native Spanish speakers better.
  • Use some Spanish phrases automatically.
  • Identify idioms and expressions that native Spanish speakers use in their conversations.
  • Improve grammar in Spanish automatically.

If you want to join the intensive Spanish Listening course, this is what I require from you:

  • Intermediate Spanish (being able to read basic Spanish and understanding at least 25-35% of Spoken Spanish)
  • Students must be committed to work independently for at least 30 minutes a day.

If you decide to enroll in my course, you will get:

  • An intensive Spanish listening program designed to last for 8 weeks.
  • 30+ videos in full Spanish with instructions on how to work independently.
  • 8 different audio stories.
  • 25 Spanish audio lessons + transcriptions.

Learn from anywhere at anytime! 

man with a laptop

This is a udemy course, which means that once you buy the course, you’ll get instant and lifetime access to the lessons of the Intensive Spanish Listening course.

Not only that, but you will be able to download every lesson into your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Improve your Spanish at your own pace from anywhere and at anytime.

Whether you are on the go or working out, you can enjoy every lesson by just downloading the lessons into your electronic device first.

Let me send you a discount code to get 25% off

Sales price: $40  ($30 with the discount code)

Send me the code NOW! Buy with no disccount

Common questions about the course:

How long is the course?

The ISLC is intended to be finished in 8 weeks. Ideally, Each lesson should be deeply studied for a week as you strictly follow the instructions that I give you during the course.

How can I pay?

The payment is made through udemy, a trusted platform that hosts the course.

The different payment methods are set by udemy and the process must be made exclusively on udemy. they accept credit cards and paypal so far.

Do you have another question?

Contact me here!

Still not convinced?… Check out what the ISLC students are saying about the course:

It’s focused on listening and the Diego speaks slowly enough so that I can understand pretty much everything.” – Jace “I love the course so much because it is very organized and unique compared to other courses”- Dasia “He vivido en Colombia y me alegra mucho que pueda escuchar Diego hablando en el accento Paisa. Tambien no habla tan rapido que no puedo aprender. Muy bien” – Doug
“Its resources are well structured and ordered. It has a lot of cuotidiane commons expressions in Spanish. Diego speaks in a clear way. It uses visual tools (powerpoint presentations) to complement the listening part (the most important part of the course which is awesome!), and that helps to understand in an easy way the meaning of the commons expressions. In fact, Diego explains “step to step” the powerpoint presentations. I think this course is one the best tools to improve intermediate spanish because the stories are fun and easy to remember and this way vocabulary is easier to remember. What I love is that Diego constantly ask me questions about the stories, and that allows me to practice my spoken spanish.”- Jormy


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