A microphone and a keyboard for a Spanish podcast

One epic Spanish podcast to improve tons in a short time

Today, I want to share an epic Spanish podcast that I’m sure will help you improve tons. This is one of the best free resources to learn Spanish that I’ve found on the internet so far, let me tell you why ...
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flor natural

¿Cómo sonar más natural en español?

¿Haz escuchado a un extranjero hablar tu idioma nativo? Es muy probable que si los has visto, notes que muchas veces su manera de hablar no es natural, e incluso aveces pueden sonar como robots. Sin embargo, tú puedes hacer pequeñas y sencillas cosas para que esto no te ocurra ...
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Foto de Diego con título: Modismos en español

¿Qué son los modismos en español?

Una de las razones por las que los estudiantes no pueden entender a los nativos es, muchas veces, el uso de los modismos en español, pero... ¿Por qué digo esto? Y... ¿Qué son los modismos? ¡Veamos...! ...
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Interview with español real about speaking fluently

How to speak Spanish fluently? [Interview with Español Real]

Do you struggle to speak Spanish fluently? Don't worry, you're not alone! In this interview with Martín from Español Real, you'll learn strategies to achieve fluency in Spanish ...
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baseball player with a nice technique

One technique for a more fluent Spanish

A long time ago, one of my friends asked me to go with him to his little nephew's baseball training. During the time the boy spent there, he practiced the same technique to improve his swing (hitting the ball with a bat). I noticed that baseball players have to work ...
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typewriter writing sorry

3 Totally different ways to say sorry in Spanish

"I'm sorry!" These were the only words that my friend Mark pronounced right after an embarrassing situation: He accidentally opened the door of women's restroom and saw someone peeing. Poor Mark, every time I think about him, I picture that scene of him, suddenly closing his eyes, shutting the bathroom's door ...
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Achieving your goal: fluency

How to achieve fluency in Spanish

Goals, if you've ever wanted to achieve something of real value in life, then you've probably set some goals in the past. Now, here's a question for you: Is achieving fluency in Spanish a goal in your life? ...
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how to say you in Spanish

3 Different ways of saying you in Spanish

English speakers! You guys only have one way to say you, which is obviously: You! ...
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