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astronaut floating, planet earth in the back and letters in the front that say Spanish short stories: El viaje a la luna

Spanish short stories: El viaje a la luna

Today's story: El viaje a la luna. This story in Spanish is about a guy who decides to go to the moon. Let's get started! ...
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Different color ballons on long chair

20 Funny Spanish phrases that native speakers use in their daily conversations

This article is a collection of 20 funny Spanish phrases that native speakers use all the time in their daily conversations ...
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Half face pig hiding behind a wall

Are you making these mistakes in Spanish?

This video by why not Spanish introduces 7 mistakes in Spanish that most students stumble with. Are you making any of them? Pay close attention, and correct them right away! ...
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Snail on a green leave

Should you listen to slow audio in Spanish?

Today, I want to share a very interesting article that I read about using slow audio to learn Spanish. When we are learning a foreign language, almost all of us complain about one thing: "Native speakers talk too fast!" ...
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half female head smiling, and some letters that say: Spanish short stories, las tonterías de Rebeca

Spanish short stories: Las tonterías de Rebeca

Today's story: Las tonterías de Rebeca. Have you ever met someone who bothers you with every action? In today's story, you will meet a woman who drives her husband crazy. Pay attention to the phrases that you hear in the story, they might be handy for you ...
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Red backgraound and a chalk writing three numbers

Spanish numbers: How to count from 1 to millions in Spanish

Do you struggle with Spanish Numbers? In this blog post, I will show you how to count until one million. Plus I want to share some tips to avoid some common mistakes that Spanish students make when talking about numbers ...
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:an kicking a ball and in the front some letters that say: Spanish short stories, el futbolista

Spanish short stories: El futbolista

Today's story: El futbolista. The most popular sport among Latinos is soccer. Actually, we prefer to call it football (fútbol). You are about to hear the story of someone whose dream was to become a professional player. Let's begin! ...
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blurred background with a hand holding a cell phone

Short videos: How to use them to improve your Spanish

Let me introduce you to an easy, and powerful technique to improve your Spanish using short videos ...
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Blond female head with angry expression

How to use the subjunctive with emotions in Spanish

Have you ever had problems to express what you feel in Spanish? In today's blog post you'll meet two people who will help you use the subjunctive with emotions accurately. In other words, you will learn to express emotions in Spanish just like natives do ...
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kangaroo standing in sand with blue sky, in the front ot the photo there are some letters saying spanish short stories: un costeño en Australia

Spanish short stories: Un costeño en Australia

Today's story: Un costeño en Australia. Have you ever felt that need of going on a long vacation to a different country? In today's story, you will meet someone who wanted leave his house to travel the world ...
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Blue background with two faces inside of a circle

Historia improvisada en español

Uno de los mejores ejercicios para aprender español, es utilizar historias. Hoy quiero compartir una historia improvisada que hice con Ana de Reunión de Lenguas ...
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