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Picture yourself speaking Spanish as if you were a native speaker, communicating fluently, spontaneously and naturally.

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Learn how to become fluent in Spanish.

During this course, you will get practical exercises that will show you the path that will take you to fluency, this material will also train you to become an effective independent learner.

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If you studied Spanish before, this is the ultimate tip for you

We have told you many things during our weekly posts about how to learn Spanish. However, today we want to talk about the ultimate tip to learn Spanish ...
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Make Spanish your first language

How to make Spanish your first language

For humanity, being able to fly was impossible five hundred years ago. Imagine if a person from that time traveled to 2017 and saw that man flies thousands of miles every day -"impossible"- would he say? ...
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How to think in Spanish

How to think in Spanish

Many people struggle when they try to think in Spanish, some people believe that it happens overnight, they think that after a while of memorizing verbs and studying the preterit, the future tense or the past perfect, their brains will having thoughts in Spanish automatically ...
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Simple and effective ways to practice Spanish while you commute

Commuting is one of the most common things in the world. Everyone has to commute and while commuting, some of us listen to music, some others read, and some others just think or dream. There are ways you can get the best out of the time that you spend getting ...
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magic recipe to learn Spanish

A magic recipe to learn Spanish

 "Stop complaining, sit down and finish your Spanish lesson!" if you've been struggling with learning Spanish, you've probably kicked yourself more than once, and it's very likely that you wondered: "isn't there another way?","isn't there a magic recipe?" "is learning grammar and repeating all the boring drills the only way ...
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Interview with Olly Richards

How to learn Spanish: Interview with Olly Richards

We all need some motivation from time to time, and we know you need it during your journey of learning languages. Sometimes, we need to pause, look at the top of the mountain and check how other people who have achieved the things that you are fighting to get, in ...
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Slight Spanish, A 100% proven route to fluency: Read this if you don’t want to show up with a “chorro de babas” on 2017

According to, a great part of the American population is interested on self-improvement, but only 8% of the population, actually reach their goals in life ...
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Get a free Spanish lesson

A free Spanish lesson for you!

Ever since we started this blog, we've talked a lot about tips and hacks to learn to speak Spanish. However, we haven't really provided you any material to put those tips into practice ...
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