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Colombian expressions to talk about food

Top 10 Colombian phrases to use when you eat in Spanish

There’s a saying in Spanish: “Barriga llena, corazón contento”, and it basically means: “full belly, happy heart”. I am pretty sure that you agree with me when I tell you that the happiest times of the day are when we eat, especially when we eat our favorite meals. There’s nothing ...
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Basic Spanish conversations – Eating out and Buying food

On our first part of the series basic Spanish conversations, we had great conversations about how to get somewhere at the airport, how to get to a certain part of the city and how to move around the city in a taxi ...
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10 Essential words that will amazingly improve your understanding of questions in Spanish

I am in class telling a story about a man who gets rich by selling socks on the internet, and then I start making questions in Spanish to my students about the story. I say to Johnny: “¿Quén se hizo rico?”, and he answers: “Sí”. I try with a different ...
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Basic Spanish conversations – At the airport

You may agree with me. That there are plenty of things to learn when you are learning a language. Especially when you are learning Spanish. So it is good to know some simple conversation that you can have when you travel to a Spanish country. So in these series of ...
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Speak Spanish right now

Speak Spanish right now: A false promise

Are you planning your next vacation to south America? Do you have a business meeting soon with a Hispanic company? Do you need to speak Spanish to get a promotion at your job? You have come just to the right place at the right time because today, we want to ...
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Travel to Spanish countries

Why should you visit Spanish countries?

We all desire to travel. It’s really rare to find someone who wants to stay in the same place without even visiting other places. I'm the kind of person that thinks we were not made to stay in one place. And I know that if you're learning Spanish, it will be a very good idea ...
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10 expressions to understand colombians

10 Spanish expressions you have to know to understand colombians

Since our last post was about going to Colombia to practice your Spanish, today, we want to give you some tools to understand Colombians, because as you know, a language can have different expressions and they can mean one thing in a country but also a very different thing in ...
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Reasons to learn go to Colombia

Reasons to go to Colombia to learn Spanish

We have already talked about reasons why it is important to visit Spanish countries. So this time, we are going to focus on one specifically: Colombia ...
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