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Learn how to become fluent in Spanish.

During this course, you will get practical exercises that will show you the path that will take you to fluency, this material will also train you to become an effective independent learner.

Por and para title and diego's picture

What is the difference between por and para?

Looking for the rules to understand por and para in Spanish? I got something better than that for you. I want to show you an exercise and three concepts that are extremely useful to master por and para.    ...
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mas de vs mas que, title of the post and Diego's picture

What is the difference between “Más que” and “Más de”?

In English, when we want to make a comparison, we could say, "more than". Now, if you want to say, "more than" in Spanish, you would find that there are two ways of saying this: "Más que" and "Más de", what is the difference between these two? ...
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Logo and title: A secret to learn Spanish faster

Learn Spanish faster and effectively

Imagine you are on a trip, and your destination is "Spanish fluency town". How would you like to get there? In a slow bus? Or in a fast and a powerful airplane?.... No doubt, you would love to get there as fast as you can, is there really a way ...
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Remember Spanish and STM logo

How to remember Spanish vocabulary

Memory is very important to learn Spanish vocabulary. However, Sometimes it's hard to remember Spanish, is there something you can do to improve your memory?  ...
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how to roll your Rs: A lesson for you

How to roll your Rs in Spanish

I did a research and found that a very common problem for Spanish learners is to roll the Rs like native speakers, in fact, my question to lots of different people was: “What is the most difficult Spanish word for you to pronounce?”, I was surprised to find out that ...
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say hey in spanish

How to say “hey” in Spanish

I know I was supposed to write the second part of the series “The best Spanish to learn”. However, I thought it would be very interesting to actually post a video in Spanish, made by me, explaining a different way of saying "hey" that actually will help you out to ...
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Get started with your Spanish for work

Let's say you are one of those people that work with tourists, at a hotel, or you just love to serve other people, and at work, there's a lot of Latinos that you need to contact or serve. Well, there are ways you can learn Spanish for work. And we ...
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Product of Colombia

The best Spanish to learn – Part 1: Colombian Spanish

You, as a language learner, want to pick the best Spanish in the world, so you can sound clear, natural and awesome, but the question is: which is the best one to learn? ...
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