Do you want to learn to speak Spanish fluently?

Two kids fluently speaking Picture yourself speaking Spanish as if you were a native speaker, communicating fluently, spontaneously and naturally.

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Automatic Spanish

Automatize your brain to learn Spanish

There I am, sitting on a chair, in the middle of an important meeting, trying to pay attention to what the speaker is saying. I am so sleepy that I finally make an internal decision to stand up, go to the bathroom, and put some water on my face to ...
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Do not translate Spanish

Think twice before translating, you could be slowing down your Spanish learning

Peter decided it was time to learn how to drive, he bought a car, read the complete manual and jumped into the car seat – “I’m ready to speed up!”- he thought ...
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practice speaking

Check out these different ways to practice your speaking

We talk all the time about how important it is to practice listening. Yes, we know, listening to Spanish is the first step to learn the language like a native Speaker. However, there are a lot of things required to learn a language and listening is just one of them, ...
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excuses to learn Spanish

Top 10 excuses you make when you learn Spanish

Let’s picture the next scene: you are on a cruise having a great time with your family, you’ve been swimming, playing volleyball, having some good drinks and awesome meals, and then you spot two people speaking Spanish spontaneously; you like the language and that’s when you tell your brother: “you ...
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Why can children learn any language?

In some of our blog-post, we have been talking about children. If you have read some of those blog-post, you have seen good comparisons, and good lessons to apply in your Spanish learning process. You may be wondering, why do we mention children that often? This is because, for us ...
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Advantages of speaking Spanish

Advantages of speaking Spanish

Mark was very excited because he was just a year away to finish his college degree in economics. He realized he had to take an assignment of Spanish as a second language in order to complete his degree. He thought, this was a great opportunity to learn Spanish once and ...
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“The sentence mindset” – An easier way to remember Spanish

We know we have been talking a lot about learning phrases or sentences instead of words. And guess what? We will keep talking about this because for us is very important that you get this mindset, "the sentence mindset" ...
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Effortless English Book

Review: Effortless English: learn to speak English like a native, by AJ hoge.

Some years ago, I was just starting to learn English and while navigating on the internet I found this website: At first, I thought it was just another web page trying to sell some services, but when I started to read, I realized it was way more than that ...
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