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Picture yourself speaking Spanish as if you were a native speaker, communicating fluently, spontaneously and naturally.

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Learn how to become fluent in Spanish.

During this course, you will get practical exercises that will show you the path that will take you to fluency, this material will also train you to become an effective independent learner.

Forget grammar

How to be fluent in Spanish? Forget grammar!

Forget grammar, yes, you just read that right! if you haven't achieved fluency in Spanish, you need to forget grammar! ...
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words in kid's hands

Stop learning individual words in Spanish

Today, I want to talk about a little mistake that people make when they want to learn Spanish, so I will say this clear to you: Do not learn individual words, yes, I’ll repeat that: Do not learn individual words ...
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Positive psychology

How psychology and your mindset will boost your Spanish

Your psychology will define your success in your Spanish learning. If you really want to be fluent you need to change your mindset ...
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learn complete phrases

How to learn to speak Spanish: Learn complete phrases

Today's lesson will give you a powerful tool to help you remember new vocabulary words in Spanish. It is just a simple rule to start applying right away: Learn complete phrases instead of individual words ...
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Foto de diego y titulo de como estas en español

Otras maneras de preguntar: “¿Cómo estas?” en español

Normalmente, en las escuelas te enseñan a preguntar: "¿Cómo estás?". En español tenemos muchas otras formas de hacer esta misma pregunta, ¡mira el siguiente vídeo y empieza a usarlas hoy mismo! ...
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Una foto con un título que dice: escucha español real

Escucha español real y autentico

Muchos no pueden entender a los nativos porque no escuchan español real o autentico, mira la siguiente lección y empieza a escuchar el español de verdad ...
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foto de diego y un titulo acerca de como preguntar el nombre en español

5 maneras de preguntar el nombre a una persona en español

"¿Cómo te llamas?", esta es la pregunta que aprendes cuando te enseñan español. Sin embargo, los nativos usan muchas frases para preguntar el nombre a una persona en español ...
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Repetition to master Spanish, title in Spanish and Diego's picture

Repetition: A key to master Spanish

Wanna master Spanish? Think of this: How does a good soccer player become an expert? What does a basketball player do to learn to master the ball? How does someone get a good body in the gym? Here is one of the keys: Repetition ...
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