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Two kids fluently speaking Picture yourself speaking Spanish as if you were a native speaker, communicating fluently, spontaneously and naturally.

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Stop learning individual words in Spanish

Today, I want to talk about a little mistake that people make when they want to learn Spanish, so I will say this clear to you: Do not learn individual words, yes, I’ll repeat that: Do not learn individual words ...
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Positive psychology

How psychology and your mindset will boost your Spanish

Your psychology will define your success in your Spanish learning. If you really want to be fluent you need to change your mindset ...
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Get started with your Spanish for work

Let's say you are one of those people that work with tourists, at a hotel, or you just love to serve other people, and at work, there's a lot of Latinos that you need to contact or serve. Well, there are ways you can learn Spanish for work. And we ...
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Product of Colombia

The best Spanish to learn – Part 1: Colombian Spanish

You, as a language learner, want to pick the best Spanish in the world, so you can sound clear, natural and awesome, but the question is: which is the best one to learn? ...
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Prepare to give a Speech in a foreign language

Have you ever stood in front of people with the intention to instruct them, teach them something you know, or something you're learning? Most of us, have had to do this, maybe because we were studying at a school or university, or because of our job we had to stand ...
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Women having conversation

8 Different ways to express your opinion in Spanish

Expressing your opinion is very important when you hold a conversation with native speakers, especially if you want to keep flowing the ideas giving the conversation a spontaneous atmosphere ...
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Yellow flower

5 Words to make your Spanish more natural

Little details make a difference, a piece of art wouldn't be a piece of art without those small things that make it unique. When you use Spanish, you can add small details to your speaking to make it sound more natural, keep reading if you want to know exactly what ...
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Move to a Spanish country

Something to consider before you move to a Spanish speaking country!!

It used to be a dangerous place for some, but not anymore. Medellín, Colombia has become a very touristic place. Many foreigners come every week to check out one of the most interesting places in the world. And some of these visitors love the city and want to move here ...
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